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Cryptoracers is a faucet game that owned by faucetgame. Cryptoracers is a multiplayer bitcoin browser RPG Racing Game that use FaucetHub as payment address. Your main goal at the game is to collect satoshi, cars and become the best street racer in the world of CryptoRacers. You can do part-time jobs to fund new car purchases and the upgrades of your car's parts.
I'm one of the veteran racers. I'm dsith. Since you're new to Cryptoracers, allow me to show you how things are done around here by giving you some tips and tricks. If you follow my rules you'll be at the top of the leaderboard before your opponents have even shifted into 2nd gear!

So lets start by register at FaucetHub if you not registered yet.
If you're already registered, now Click here to open Cryptoracers and follow the next step

  1. Click the Button to Create accountHKo0j6awRIGC2dzlEZdcsQ.png

  2. Fill your account information

  3. This is your dashboard look like.

At the first you will get your BMW Z3 for free. The car specs is standard with Speed :120 / Stability : 60 / Acceleration : 10.
Here is quick explanation of the dashboard menu :
Fuel is used for race another people. Its regenerate 10 every 10 minutes. You can increase the fuel amount by buying new cars at market or game upgrade at the game shop. My suggestion is just let it stay at the standard amount. You better upgrade your car first
2-BTC Balance
3-Diamond / DMD
Sometimes used for upgrade car stats but you also exchange it for RACEBUX at Carsino or you can sold it to me aka dsith or another user with the right price
Racebux is a game credit that is used for the game upgrade or premium account
5-Your Car stat

4.This is the Vault

This is the most important part at CR, yes its a vault. After sign up, you will get your free balance 500 satoshi. Make sure you store them in the vault. If you didnt store it, other people can race and win satoshi from you if they beat your car. The minimum amount to store is 100 satoshi. Funds can be withdrawn at any time and can be withdrawn to FAUCETHUB when reaching 50k Satoshi.

  1. The Race List

After seing around now you can start to race. Your 1st way to earn BTC is by racing your car against other players in head-to-head street races. The higher your car stat the bigger your chance to beat your opponents and earn BTC. So pick the car who have the standart car stat too as your first opponent. Racing puts your car against your opponent's car and costs Bitcoin to participate.

  1. Day Jobs

On Day Jobs you can earn satoshi too..just click start job and collect when the timer is ended. I suggest you do the hourly job since its more worth. You can race while waiting the jobe is finished. As you level up, you will open another job. When the crime boss job is open you should take it..since the DMD is more worth

  1. Upgrade Parts

On Upgrade Parts you can purchase new car parts using bitcoin and Diamonds in the garage. Many upgrades are available to enhance your speed, stability and acceleration to win more races. At the end of the day raw power always wins.The 1st part that you must upgrade is camshaft. Since its prety cheap and make sure you upgrade it until level 5.After your camshaft is fully upgrade at level 5 you can upgrade gearbox after that.

Another way to earn satoshi is to trade DMD and RACEBUX. In the Chat box on the left page you can do currency exchanges for DMD-BTC. You can save up diamonds and sell them to buyers. The same goes with Racebux. The rate of DMD and RACEBUX fluctuates with the Btc Market. To trade with another user you can use the tip command " /tip username amount currency". ie : /tip dsith 100 DMD or /tip dsith 100 RACEBUX

Make sure to read the chat rules before chat. Basically the rules are the same with FaucetHub's chat rules
Click Here to register at Cryptoracers: