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RE: More stunning pictures from my travels and I ran out of money again giving (4,000 peso) it away Direct to Vendors...and why bitcoin is here to stay!

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tree of the day is amazing. and looks just like my bitcoin wallet as well! your pictures are incredibly crisp even with the zoom. nicely done! thanks for putting in time on this post it really show in the final product. cheers!


How do you get 75 votes on here before my blog has 75 readers?

That was crazy vote value for the comment section.

I'm also wondering the same.

Oh! He has a voting trail

Lol...that's crazy numers for just a comment o!

People have you on their steemvoter list including me. On you can set up an automated vote for any Steemian with any time delay you choose.

I'm just reading that zerohedge article you linked to and this is the first time I've heard about a bank (Wells Fargo) setting up ghost accounts and charging fees for services not requested. Crazy.

resteemed and I've sent you a donation of 1 STEEM.