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RE: Today - SegWit Starts on Bitcoin, Litecoin gets Lighting Network

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Litecoin is the safest rock to hodl.


Yes, probably the most stable)

LTC hodlers :D!!!

Absolutely. Many of them sold their LTC for other Alts. I am HODLing it. The rocket is ready to boost. All credit goes to Charlie Lee for making this happen. Technically BTC is following LTC. I guess Litecoin can reach somewhere around 200 soon. Invest wisely...

Litecoin is already 52$ at the moment of writing this comment.
when cross-chain transactions with bitcoin are there litecoin will take off. its your chance to get in their now my fellow steemians, because its really a big deal.
i bought few litecoins 2 months ago at $24 and you can see that the price is more than doubled.
I hope everyone who reads this comment will take it into acount.

I hope you are right but I don't see Litecoin going anywhere until the Bitcoin Segwit 2x is over in November.

@cryptosteve I recommend that you enter you will get 50 free WCX Tokens and 15% if you want to invest, this currency is now in the PRE-ICO stage and is the best time to invest!

but isn't bch or btc w/ segwit making ltc obsolete?

BCH yes, btc/w segwit no, but not really either. BCH won't obsolete Litecoin, it will just be the "Silver" to BCH's gold instead of BTC's gold. One for moving around large amounts, one for buying small things like coffee. I would still rather buy my coffee in litecoin (1 cup of coffee cost ~0.05-0.1 litecoin for a $2.5-$5 cup of coffee is reasonable)

what about buying coffee with any of the other 700 cryptos?

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I think it is a better place to hold value than USD but not better place for investors, but great conservative place for people who are risk adverse.

Authorship is currently in the token sale stage, and is offering $10 USD worth of their ether tokens for free if you signup with them. They are “Making the Internet More Free and Accessible For Authors and Readers”, basically a decentralization form of the Internet for content creation / sharing. The tokens will be sent out at the end of the bounty period (less than one month) and can be kept, or converted to another cryptocurrency or just cashed out.
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