Request.Network one of the best Alt's to buy before the fork.

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Request Network is a decentralized platform that allows anyone to request peer-to-peer payments. Its goal is to replace payment systems such as PayPal and make the most advanced payment terms available to everyone.

Request is currently sitting below ICO price, with volume increasing across exchanges in anticipation before the fork.

I think we are starting to see smart money slowly flow back into certain Alt's. Not every Alt coin will recover after this fork similar to what we saw after the bitcoincash fork.

I'll list some reasons why I think request will make a huge recovery after the fork.

  • Request is working with YCombinator who has funded over 1,400 startups and those companies have a combined valuation of over $80 billion.

  • Continuous Payments

  • The team consists of 6 members, all of whom are working together in another project called Moneytis.

  • REQ tokens are required for the operation of Request contracts and especially the extension layers for advanced features such as Escrow, Tax, Down Payment, and Late Fees.

  • The other company that the team is running, Moneytis, has received 6 rounds of funding from 2015 to 2017. This could be an indicator that the company is growing throughout the years, which speaks to the execution skills of the team.

  • Network effect is present. The more people use Request Network, the more valuable the platform becomes.

  • The community is growing despite the price going down and there being competitors in the market.

  • Looking at the roadmap 2018 will be a huge year for development.

Time stamp on price


As always this is great! I will try this ICO! I know you are bring us the great news about ICOs! I like it's road map! Feel a good place to invest!


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looks great thanks for sharing about this :)

I was expecting hopefully it can all more smoothly and really useful for the people around the world and never there is a lie

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Good analysis!

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