Technical Analysis OMGUSD - 10/22/17

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Watch the chart here.

Falling wedges are regarded as bullish patterns trade is long after we break the upper resistance line as well as the 0.386 fib.

TP at new ATH's


I appreciate this kind of analysis. I follow some users on seekingalpha for analysis on some stocks I follow, and I feel what you do here to be alongside a very similar vein. Thanks again!

You are the best person to hear about Omg! I could remember what you said last time! So, great analysis friend!


So apparently Bitcoin will go down a little bit more...

A lot of people aren't completely aware of whats going with Bitcoin Gold , I think we will see alts rally from the lack of this awareness, people will begin to take profit on the bitcoin pump and those who manage to get bitcoin gold will sell off and I think we will see it siphon back into alts.

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thanks for sharing your analysis :)

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Thank You for this analysis @natra great post

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