Technical Analysis Update BTCUSD - 8/23/17

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Bitcoin exceeded what I originally thought could be the top around 4000 USD, It didn't end up correcting until around 4500. I think the correction to 3600 is what the majority of the market was looking for as we saw a huge recovery on the daily candle after hitting that price. I think we go up from here target 5000 USD as EMA's remain bullish.

Follow the uptrend line, on the daily chart provided as bitcoin could make one more correction to 3600 but unlikely in my opinion.


i heard another fork attempt on BTC! I don't know it's just a rumor or not! But I converted my BTC stock to LTC and today got some profit too! What do you think about buy BTC back? Or shall I wait few more days?

Really appreciate your work and your analysis too!


I think the crash to 3600 was from the concerns of the hardfork, as with bitcoin cash new investors have no idea what is going on, and I think people will continue to buy bitcoin.

litecoin is a great hedge.

Yeah I tried to survived if something goes wrong :D
Yeah will ask buy around 2800-3200 or keep LTC for few more weeks! Thanks for the quick response!


I think it's going to get to around $4800 before getting a correction. Who knows.. but with segwit happening, I think there is going to be a lot of people buying.


@natra great analysis! upvoted! And what do you think about Jeff Berwick's dark taughts that it is maybe possible that Bitcoin Cash will be "only one laft standing" in the end??

Good analysis and hope good news about BTC price in the coming days

I saw some news on that there'll be another hard folk on bitcoin by the end of this year. What do u think?

I only hope the whole crypto market will reach its true potential

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amigo #resteemia at your service

wait to get it at sup level 2. nice analysis @natra

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@natra - Sire, I love your analysis report. Those tips are very helpful Sire. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem you post Sire. Definitely i will buy BTC Sire.

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@natra got you a $1.7 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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Nice ! thank you - Looks like BTC is taking a bit of a break (i think slow and steady is the way to go) today - maybe you can post your thoughts for this week. I will follow you for more good info and up vote you.

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