Through ups and downs!

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I'm the one who introduce the decentralization through internet.
I tell them how Blockchain works.
I'm the one who make payments transaction less fees and more convenient.
I remove the paper works.

But I'm not perfect.
I have limitations and negative sides.
People don't want to use me because of this.

That's why I need you guys.
I need someone who will solve my problems.
Make my transactions secure and private.
Make my transfer as fast as lightning.
Reduce my transaction fees because of the volatility.
Create a smart contract for both parties to provide protection.
I will do my best to guide you.

Master we are here to pay you with love.
We struggle everyday from people that don't want us.
We fight. We persevere.
We endure the price drop and the FUD.
We will not leave you no matter how far.

Even you fall, we are here for you.


Thanks very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


your CryptoInvestmentExpert

Thank you very much man! I really appreciate it.

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