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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Evening Update: Revised Target $13,343

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Yea I dont know about this. There will be a major correction coming. Just look at the last consolidation. There is absolutely no consolidation after 8000 range. That is the only support I see. I think no matter where it goes there will be billions removed from the market from whenever it hits top. It may be going parabolic but man that correction is gonna be painful. I don't even wanna get back in to it now. I cashed out in the 9k range but this is just insane lol. Well I did expect it to break its previous high by 3k as it always does that. so I suspect we will see a corretion at 11k to 9k to 8k range. Thats just me following the pattern from entire year. Where it beats previous high by a few thousand and then corrects 2000 to 2500.


nice call!

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