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130 coffee shops in Spain started to accept and sell BTC.

Nostrum, a network of 130 coffee shops throughout Spain, started accepting and selling BTC. Nostrum is working with Cyclebit, a technology enabler startup. Cyclebit enables stores to serve as cryptocurrency gateways. merchants would be given a ready-to-install, free customizable app for iOS and Android which accepts payments from crypto wallets as well as old-fashioned banks.

"many companies are working to provide a easier way to buy and spend cryptocurrencies. what unites them all is the intent to simplify the user experience and bury every complicated detail in the backend, removing the skill gap for users," explained Cyclebit.


OmiseGo will scale their startup with Plasma technology.

Plasma was envisioned by Joseph Poon, founder of Lightning Network, and Vitalik Buterin, founder of ETH. this allows a infinite amount of blockchains to be created within the Plasmachain (a side chain), all without sharing information with other ETH-based applications. only one transaction with ETH (the root chain) needs to be made when the user chooses to enter or exit the Plasmachain.



BTC prioritizes low validation cost, whereas BCH prefers a low transaction/high validation cost.


Sesameseed opens beta program for TronCard, a payments card for TRX.


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