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BTC transfers will become a lot faster with Liquid Network, said Jimmy Song.

Liquid Network is a sidechain that allows digital assets from one blockchain to be securely used in another blockchain. these assets can then be moved back to the original blockchain when necessary. Liquid Network adopted Federated Trust Model where a super majority of participants were required to sign off before transactions are successful, stated Song. 16 or 17 out of 23 need to agree before any transactions go through.

it is called Liquid as it provide liquidity to everybody, according to Song. it can even out prices. it is a good idea to provide liquidity between cryptocurrency exchanges.

BTC market began maturing as it gained popularity, reported researchers at Polish Academy of Sciences.

BTC’s price movements showed multifractality in functions of fluctuations in the last six months. this is the same as for mature markets, such as stock, dollar, or bond markets.

ICOs were being used to scam small investors and that cryptocurrency was easy to steal, Elizabeth Warren, senator of Massachusetts said in a Senate Banking Committee hearing.

senator Sherrod Brown said that real-world cryptocurrency applications have been few and that there are a lot of scams. senator Mike Crapo expressed concern over volatility of cryptocurrency ecosystem and pump-and-dump schemes. senator Doug Jones said that criminals are two steps ahead of law enforcement when it comes to cryptocurrency.


wallet app and ‘Identity Hub’: new blockchain-based ID solutions planned by Microsoft.

Christie’s art auction house adopts blockchain technology.

Horizen (formerly ZenCash) has proposed a new way to head off 51% attacks.

Tether USDT crashing away, Circle’s USDC and Gemini's GUSD set to take over.

Nasdaq is looking to create a platform for cryptocurrency security tokens.

Hong Kong’s securities and futures commission (SFC) is planning to introduce crypto regulation to protect investors.

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