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if BTC network became important enough, we need to pay millions of dollars a day for the desired security, said Jameson Lopp.

BTC mining reduction will become an issue within 10 to 20 years, Lopp says. it is crucial that BTC community develop a fee market and continue to offset the subsidies, to make up for the shortfall in mining returns. otherwise, hashing power will diminish to an unsecure level.

Lopp explained that BTC prioritizes low validation cost (he referred to Lightning Network), whereas BCH prefers a low transaction/high validation cost. he considered LTC to be in BTC’s camp.

“right now there aren’t any really great PoS systems that have been deployed,” said Lopp. Lopp commented on ETH that “they’re on the bleeding edge, constantly rethinking what they’ve done. i personally would adopt [a good enough PoS platform]”. EVM protocol will enjoy more adoption than an ETH world-computer, predicted Lopp. he is interested to see how Sharding implementation will play out.


BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP can be used for payments; Wirex will launch prepaid cards in the U.S.

Wirex, a traditional currency exchange platform and cryptocurrency wallet provider that are linked to Visa debit cards announced the launch of prepaid cards in the USA. the card provides a cryptoback facility through which users can get 0.5 % back in BTC. this facility is available on all the in-store purchases.


BCH merchant directory Marco Coino surpassed 500 listings.

Marco Coino provides people with the means to find nearby merchants that accept BCH. the platform has been around for a few months and has been gaining more listings every day. there are 504 BCH accepting merchants located on Marco Coino global map. most of the recent growth has stemmed from Slovenia and Colombia, explained Brendon Duncan, creator of Marco Coino.

Marco Coino users can submit a specific retailer to be listed on the platform so users can easily find the location. the platform has linking abilities where links can be tied to locations in Marco Coino.



Forbes will license its brand to a new cryptocurrency website, titled Forbes CryptoMarkets.


Coinbase Custody became a qualified custodian for BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, ETC, and BCH.


Spanish government has approved a draft anti-fraud law that will require investors in cryptocurrencies to declare all of the assets they hold.


Komodo transactions are protected with the power of BTC network.


Japan has granted the cryptocurrency industry with a self-regulatory status.


money is a concept that belongs to humanity in general. it is a shared agreement, it is not something that is supposed to be dictated as to how it operates. -Jameson Lopp-


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