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security tokens are next big thing, said Trevor Koverko, Polymath CEO. Polymath is the largest securities token platform in existence. Koverko is excited by security tokens as they represent next big wave in crypto.

SEC labels many of existing tokens as securities. there is growing interest in projects that meet certain criteria for investors and regulators. with regulation stalling, and growing realization that it’s necessary if cryptos are to be accepted by the mainstream, security tokens are inevitable.

Polymath provides issuers with a technology to launch their own security tokens through ST20 protocol. the technology doesn’t need one to be technically adept to launch their own token. Polymath will enable trillions of dollars in financial securities to move to the blockchain, believes Koverko.

Overstock's tZero has issued its preferred tZero security tokens.

Overstock's tZero has issued its preferred tZero security tokens, sold during Security Token Offering (STO) earlier this year. the company raised $134 million from investors worldwide during the months-long STO.

to comply with securities regulations, the tokens must remain in a custodial wallet for 90 days after issuance. after this period, holders and other accredited investors can trade them on a platform tZero is developing. Non-accredited investors can trade them by August 6, 2019, through an approved trading platform. tZero plans to register the securities to allow secondary trading on international exchanges.

tZero is a crypto securities trading platform. tZero is a majority-owned subsidiary of Overstock. Overstock is one of the first major retailers to accept BTC.

Nasdaq is looking to create a platform for cryptocurrency security tokens.

Nasdaq plans to develop a platform where companies can conduct sales of security tokens in a similar manner to ICO. these security token offerings (STOs) are crowdsales for regulated ICO tokens. Nasdaq described security tokens as an amalgam of utility tokens and venture capital.

security tokens being virtual representations of real asset ownership remove many regulatory obstacles found in utility tokens. they fulfill both liquidity provision to startups and equity ownership for investors while being under securities regulation.

Nasdaq platform will both issue and trade cryptocurrency security tokens. investors will be able to trade real estate, cryptocurrency assets, equity, and debt on the same platform.


smart contracts open doors to hackers getting paid without breaking laws, believes George Hotz.

BCH could achieve the characteristics of cash and gold: Justin Bons, co-founder of Cyber Capital.

NANO beats XRP in a recent Binance deposit speed test.

Goldman Sachs and Galaxy Digital Ventures are investing in crypto custody solution provider BitGo Holdings.

Ticketmaster To Issue Blockchain-Powered Smart Tickets

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