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with Sharding implementation on ETH blockchain, each node will contain only a part of data and not entire information, elucidated Holger, a core developer at Ethereum Foundation.

Sharding clients are stateless. Sharding clients do not store their state in a single node. this makes it necessary during communication for a specific node to acquire information that is not stored within its own shard. this communication is referred to as cross-shard communication. developers are coming up with ideas of how to bring communication between one shard to the other.

“question is are we doing cross-shard communication synchronously or asynchronously. by synchronously, are we doing this within one transaction to get result within this one transaction. which would be much more convenient for users,” said Holger.

BTC jumped as much as 9 % as USDT holders shifted into alternative currencies.

while skeptics have doubted whether USDT was backed by dollars, markets have shrugged off those concerns and treated USDT as if it were worth $1. faith in USDT diminished amid speculation over financial health and banking relationships of Bitfinex that shares a CEO with USDT’s issuer.

faith in Bitfinex’s financial situation and ability to back USDT has been a recurring question, said Jehan Chu, managing partner at Kenetic Capital.

blockchain can make passwords obsolete, said Alex Momot, REMME CEO.

instead of password/username architecture, each user device is issued an SSL certificate. certificate data is stored on REMME blockchain and authenticated with “digital passport” technology so that fake certificates cannot be used. users are issued keys on signing out that are used just once when signing back in and then destroyed.

hackers target authentication servers and password databases to carry out mass attacks, and lack of a centralized server or password database should render these attacks impossible.

REMME's masternode program is open to cryptocurrency community. each node will provide consistency and fault tolerance and operators will be rewarded with fees from signing transactions for certificate issuance and revocation included in a block.

REMME’s native REM token operates on ETH network. REMME use atomic swaps to enable REM to be exchanged for corresponding tokens on REMChain, eliminating security risks that exchanges introduce.


100,000 Genmega cash machines in U.S. can now function as BTC ATMs.

Fidelity launched crypto custody and trading services.

IOTA’s Tangle will power IAMPASS biometric authentication for digital ID.

BTC and other cryptocurrencies are being adopted by institutional investors, says Fidelity official.

Ropsten testnet bug has been identified and fixed within hours.

security tokens are next big thing, said Polymath CEO.

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