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there will be tokenization of everything in future economy. even traditional equities like common stocks will be tokenized, believes Jeremy Allaire, co-founder of Circle. "marketplaces will have tens of thousands of tokens. next piece is a broker dealer,” Allaire told CNBC why Circle acquired SeedInvest.

Circle acquired SeedInvest, an equity crowdfunding company, in order to make it easier for startups to raise capital with cryptocurrency. SeedInvest’s crowdfunding process is a cousin to how cryptocurrency startups raise capital through ICOs, according to Allaire. SeedInvest’s web-based portal connects startups with potential investors.

Casper and Sharding chain version 2.1 is under progress. Prysmatic Labs is responsible for implementation of Sharding. Prysmatic Labs was so good that they got a several hundred thousand dollars grant from ETH Foundation.

James Spediacci, an investor, accused EOS of pushing its cost to developers, “it costs $ 10 in staked EOS to onboard a new end user on to any EOS dapp. If your dapp gets 1M users, that costs you $ 10M. this costs $ 0 on ETH."

Google and Facebook enjoy concentrated data power, and they exploit their position to engage in offensive leveraging, according to Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer at Brave. Purpose Limitation, a core principle of GDPR, can prevent anti-competitive behavior by Google and Facebook, Ryan told EU. Google and Facebook would have to seek consent for various data processing purposes.

Purpose Limitation principle protects a person’s opportunity to choose to opt-in to whatever particular service they decide, and forbids a company from automatically opt-ing a person in to all of its services.

blockchain adoption within enterprises has been more challenging than initially thought, a poll of executives showed. 200 executives from banks, exchanges, consultancies, and blockchain companies shared their views. 57 % voted that instituting blockchain had been harder than expected. causes are hardware security and autonomous transactions.


Zambian central bank said that cryptocurrencies are not legal tender.

Binance Labs invested in 3 blockchain projects this month.

West Virginia is gearing up to deploy a blockchain-based voting application for elections in November.

Coinbase users are facing cryptocurrency withdrawal delays up to a week.

Unocoin is planning to launch India’s first cryptocurrency ATM.

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