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updated Brave browser is 22 % faster in terms of load time. this could save 12 seconds on certain websites, revealed an international performance tests released by Brave team.

the latest update brings the browser to a Chromium base and away from their previous Electron codebase. it comes with significant privacy improvements such as default Brave Shield and other Tor-related enhancements.

the beta version of Brave Rewards program allows users to donate BAT to their favorite registered content producers online.

Brave version 0.55 is a milestone on the road to official Brave version 1.0.


Exodus, HTC’s first blockchain phone, can only be purchased using BTC and ETH.

Exodus supports dapps and doubles as a hardware wallet. the phone’s secure enclave – a locked area secluded from Android operating system – holds the user’s private cryptocurrency keys, HTC explained.

Social Key Recovery mechanism allows Exodus user to regain access to their crypto funds in the event of losing their private keys by picking select trustworthy contacts.

Swiss startup Sirin Labs will release its own $ 1,000 blockchain smartphone Finney – to be manufactured by iPhone-maker Foxconn – before the end of the year.


Dutch telecom company KPN joined NEO as an independent consensus node operator.

KPN is a Dutch telecom company that offers landline phone service, cellular phone service, and internet access to 30 million customers across Western Europe.

KPN’s addition increased the decentralization of NEO blockchain. another possible addition to NEO is Switzerland’s largest telecom provider, Swisscom, who is running a testnet consensus node.

5 of 7 mainnet consensus nodes are controlled by NEO Foundation. NEO is scheduled to fully democratize the election of consensus nodes in 2019.

NEO holders will be able to vote to elect consensus nodes through their wallet software, stated NEO Global Development.



PoS system would allow ADA holders to manage and maintain the platform’s official ledger.


3.5 million users can buy XRP using credit and debit cards after Changelly–SimplexCC partnership.


CoinText makes it possible for users to send and receive BCH, LTC, and DASH via short message service (SMS) without smartphones or internet connection in Brazil, Poland, Croatia, and Romania.


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