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RE: How to buy Bitcoin in the Eurozone - Comment acheter du Bitcoin dans la zone euro

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I really like the way you explain and present, it is fresh and nicely understandable, also for people who are not into the topic.

a) still, I think what is definitely missing is the trigger why it is a good idea to buy some bitcoin. I mean, most "non-geeks" as you name them (haha!) are in doubt because they consider it as a strange-hacker-whatever invention. So I think you would profit of introducing some "bridging the gap" element between the fact (buying sth from 'artist' Nakamoto) and the how to, in order to raise more confidence. It may be that, because it continues immediately with sending money to somewhere/someone I am not familiar with sounds a bit like the nasty scam methods that are spread through many mailing lists. – maybe just a psychological thing, but nevertheless something not to neglect (in my eyes).

b) - optional: "take delivery of your cryptocurrency in your personal cryptocurrency wallet" -> this is not understandable by a non-geek ;)

c) between I'm not in any way "incentivized", I'm not "referring you" to any of these. and the introduction of Kraken, I would insert again a connection.... and mention in a brief sentence what is special about those two. Just mentioning, in order to point to what you are going to make more explicit afterwards. People tend to feel better while reading a text, when they are able to anticipate a little what is waiting for them. It's called putting some 'indicators', in order to show how the journey of your analysis may lead to. As the non-geeks are your target audience, I think it is also a very important thing to make them feel as comfortable as possible, so help them to not feel lost in your text, whenever you can.

d) An US-based cryptoexchange, Kraken has managed to open a banking relationship with an European bank, Fidor Bank AG(a German "internet bank", regulated by the BaFin, the German financial authority) . ---> there I think it's better to open with "as an US-based..." or "The US-based cryptoexchange Kranken has....", only to avoid Syntax Errors

e) maybe elaboration on : from an KYC/AML perspective. ? I find this pretty interesting, in order to show non-believers why crypto is not a silly game for hackers and geeks in order to dive into the dark side of money-transfer and smuggling, etc.... For me, the touch of KYC AML allows to insert the a certain kind of seriousness and reliability in this area.

f) Which risk is greater and you want to take - whether spending some money to get some, or refraining from doing so and perhaps regretting it later - is entirely your choice ... --- to be honest, you would not convince me with that argument ;) rather deter me for 'following' your argumentation. For me, this creates too much an atmosphere of: if you don't jump in, you are not cool enough, instead of convincing with qualitative arguments for doing so. (the coaching and training argument you offer slightly later is much better and sounds more favorable).

g) I think the conclusion is a bit too brief, but that again is just a personal opinion :)

h) sometimes you forget to put a point at the end of the paragraphs.... unity it the major role in text formatting, haha!

Happy Holidays,


Wow, that is some serious analysis there, you are destined to be a teacher I'd venture :-)

I've updated the post and tried to address all your points as best I could! Many thanks for the time you spent to read, analyse and formulate all these recommendations!

Happy holidays to you too!