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If you are in business or making plan to be in business and you are not thinking of digitalizing the business then you are sure going to be limited in your global spread, if you will even have one. The internet has improved our communication outreach globally, but the blockchain is causing a financial disruption changing our transactions and P2P or B2B financial interactions. Making it easy for businesses to reach each through the main backbone which is money. Blockchain through its cryptocurrency idea has been a wonderful invention to help in achieving smooth, fast and transparent transactions. Over the years businesses have grown because of the internet, companies that have put their businesses online are now leading companies. Alibaba, Shopify, Ebay and Amazon are worth billions of dollars now. They capitalized on the power of the internet. So it is with digitalizing assets using the blockchain, this disruption is going to be bigger and better. Setting up business is always not easy, not even to put up the business online. First few years has always been a struggle for businesses how do they get passed this stage? Challenges includes poor IT specialist, complexity in cost and search engine, cost of social media marketing, high digital start-up costs, poor communications with customers and lack of exposure and proof of quality.

Aussiedigital is bringing solution to all of the above mentioned problems. Aussiedigital is capitalizing on the decentralized blockchain to build a digital asset platform the will assist businesses to grow, brand, advertise and reach global market with ease. The B2B and the digital marketing trading platform will harness the power of the social media, technology and blockchain to create a transparent,

Aussies business includes whole range of aspects that impacts business development. This businesses includes business and digital marketing, TV production, importation and exportation, social media, trading stocks, interactive design, HR training blockchain Analysts and cryptocurrency expert. This combined experience is a big boost to the Aussiedigital platform, which targets business that are starting up with good vision and products. AUD will provide them with support, platform and finance to boost their business. Start-up business face challenges of poor customer support, high expenses of transaction fees and unknown seller effect. All this will be handled by Aussiedigital in a smart contract written on the Erc 20 blockchain.

The Aussiedigital ecosystem involves a couple sub platforms that will make the whole ecosystem smooth like the

i. Tradezy Ecommerce – this will trade both in cryptocurrency and fiat and help small businesses to start up easily.

ii. Tradedo Trading Exchange – with a unique trading interface and user friendly platform. At this exchange users can easily exchange their fiat to crypto and vice versa.

iii. Chatezy social media – this will allow buyers and sellers to interact with ease on business. They could also go beyond that for other social interaction.

iv. B2B – this allows businesses to group together and buy items. This will be beneficial to business in a particular location.

One unique aspect of the Aussiedigital platform is the reward system to shoppers. Once you buy an item on the platform you can always earn.

To fuel transactions on the platform is the AUD token, which is going on ICO


Do not miss opportunity to invest in this platform.

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