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Have you seen the BCNEX exchange ecosystem? It’s a unique platform for the digital space where users can buy and sale their cryptocurrency. The blockchain is causing a lot of rave this days and there is increasing adoption. The gradual acceptance of this technology advancement has introduced digital cryptocurrency in hundreds, with so many not existing anymore and some are still available . With advancement of technology newer cryptocurrency are introduced into the market frequently and they need to be exchanged or sold to the public. So BCNEX is designed to create a safe and reachable way to buy cryptocurrency. Cyrptocurrency adoption is growing daily millions are getting into the crypto community and they need to access the cryptocurrency they want but they are several plague to this computerised entity restraining users and would be users from accessing cryptocurrency easiliy. Some would be crypto investors are weary of stories told of how people lose money on crypto exchanges.This and other issues such as;

· Liquidity of fund during exchange

· No government regulation to keep traders safe

· Traders complaints always takes forever to resolve

· Lack of security and protection to cyber attack

· Low operability and scalability

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So the BCNEX exchange is designed to provide unique and high standard cryptocurrency trading on the blockchain. This is supported by high experienced financial experts and blockchain developers. The platform is built on microservices architecture to meet with numerous demands of the customers, meaning the platform is designed to be user friendly to trade with ease. #Bcnex ecosystem is built to handle 2 million orders per second with a top notch interoperability and scalability. One other problem of exchanges is liquidity which the platform is handling with massive liquidity presence. The #Bcnex exchange is designed to run on desktop computers and mobile App so that customers can trade on the go. Bcnex will be providing different range of mainstream digital assets on a diverse market. Bcnex has developed on the mistakes of other contemporary exchanges that put their cryptocurrency wallet online (hot wallet) to create a tech savvy approach in allowing only 2% of trading cryptocurrency in hot wallet allowing the majority of the fund to be kept in a cold wallet. Of course this monies are not for Bcnex but for esteemed customers so every proficient means should be created to save guard them. The ecosystem also presents itself with great features like

· Margin trading

· Spot transactions

· Future contract

· 100% anonymous automatic order machine mechanism


To fuel transactions on the ecosystem is the bcnex token. It is an erc223 token built on the ethereum blockchain which has an improved security features. The Bcnex will be 200, 000, 000 (Million) in supply. It will be used to buy and sale on the platform and 75% incentive will be given to users who pay transaction fee with bcnex. To add, there will be token burn from time to time. This means over time the 200 million total supply will reduce, positioning the bcnex token for increase in price and given investors, holders’ good value for their money.


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