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Mr Steve is a businessman who loves enterprises, he takes risk based on the businesses that come to him. He wins big most times, sometimes he loses but generally his business has been expanding. He surfs the internet most times and see business that are thriving globally and wishes to invest in such business but always skeptical of the outcome. He continued in his quest till he stumbled on a unique platform that handles business to business transactions and the name is Volum.

Volum is a decentralized marketplace for business to business transactions, it is built on the blockchain and makes smart agreements easy to be reached. Through the internet individual like Mr Steve can enter smart agreements in the marketplace with a business he takes liken to. For business that are thriving there is always a tool one can use to analyse if the future of the business is bright. One of such tool is the SWOT analysis. S for strength, W for weakness, O for opportunity and T for Threats. Individuals can apply this strategic planning tool to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated to a business. So in this article we will be reviewing some of this as regarded to Volum marketplace.


There are lots of strength for this Volum platform, first the adoption of cryptocurrency is growing rapidly. Assets, processes and services are now easily tokenized digitally. More and more business are moving their assets to cryptocurrency. Secondly, the blockchain is one unique model designed for transparency and smart contracts. The transactions on blockchain are immutable and on public ledger for everyone to see. This will reduce physical appearance for deals to be signed and encourage global interest for businesses.


There is always no 100% activity there are tendencies for eventualities. The platform could be attacked by hackers, someone can go rogue with the team this could be the only weakness I see this unique platform is exposed to, but I am sure the team most have worked on this aspects that made ICO review sites scoring them high.


The opportunities for this platform is abound. With the transparency in blockchain so many persons would want to invest in business abroad. Volum has listed awesome businesses they would start up with which include, power grid, Food and beverage, software developers and assets credit management. Positioning Volum on the global outreach is the team’s vision to allow business to interact. This can be achieved with ease.


With such awesome idea Volum has, there is always tendencies for competitors to come-up. I remembered ecommerce platform like Ebay few years back now we have Amazon Alibaba and so many others coming up. Competition is good anyway, because it is easy for marketing to be done and people to have confidence in the mode of business.


Volum has made it easy to digitalize holding business. All that is required is for you to invest you money and they (Volum) will take the task of find a booming business to invest in. You don’t have to be worried about the hassles of running a business. Your money works for you. Who knows Mr Steve can become a CEO of an international recognized company.

Know more on Volum here

Website: https://volum.io/

Whitepaper: https://volum.io/assets/images/volum-whitepaper.pdf

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