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RE: Why I just sold some of my bitcoin

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Great article...That said I love BTC and can't wait to see what the future brings. The introduction of futures is going to shake things up short term. As will the added regulation that is around the corner..

This will certainly add an entirely new dimension to things.. I see a ton of action that is going to shake things up today....and through the rest of the week..

The pain is going to be to great for those that bought late to stand and they will sell at the wrong time and back into the buyers who see the turn. Honestly I'm full Fiat at the moment, save intraday trading.. but its going to be a ride..



Yea this is the first time I'm actually scared of what the future holds for btc. I generally think the the crypto market is still way to small. With btc we're also seeing the writing on the wall when one by one companies stop accepting btc. The value will diminish if there is no businesses supporting the network. Having btc solely as a gateway to other cryptos is not feasible.

I agree, and I think it plays well to comments I have made in the past in regards to BTC. It just needs to stop trying to be a payment system, it will never work.. Are you really going to pay a $5.00 transaction fee to buy a $1.50 Diet Coke at the gas station? It should be happy to be a medium by which other coins are bought and purchased. Even then it is going to have to step up its game if it wants to stay on top. While it has brand name recognition there is always a competitor out there that will find a better way to deliver your service at a better cost.

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