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RE: Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: A Small Correction to Complete Head & Shoulders..And an Intro to New Technique! Find out more in this Analysis!

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I am consistently amazed at how much detail you can grab from a chart. I look at it and see a few things, but you look at it and see 10 times the information. I guess that is what happens when you compare 15+ years of experience against a beginner!
Thanks for the education though.
Almost finished the Elliott Wave Principle book. Should have it finished by next week. A lot of good information in there. I think I will have to read it a few times though. So much info in there, I am sure I didn't soak it all up the first time.


It really does blow my mind sometimes when I see some of his charts....especially for bitcoin, because it tends to put in some very complex smaller patterns within the larger scale. Congrats on the book read, don't forget the Chart Pattern Recognition book. IMO it is 50/50 in importance to seeing those details.

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