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RE: VW Van (update) and living within your means and why you should buy just a bit of bitcoin. Thailand pictures continued, Merry Christmas!

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From what it sounds like, you're estimating that bitcoin with hit between $100,000 - 1 million in the next year? Do you think institutional buyers will buy actual coins or stick with futures?


Both as they are trained to hedge.

I completely agree with you. With Christmas


thats a pretty one

I wonder if you have any others beside bitcoin that you like, that you feel are also worth investing in?

I just read through that and it was informative and I appreciate it. So I only have about 1 million more questions :) but I limit it to one. Do you still feel strongly about Gamecredits and Augur as you mentioned in that post?

And since you mentioned you did like Augur I thought I should show you this coin I came across as an ICO, I didn't buy because I don't yet have enough experience to buy ICO's but you might be interested as it looked extremely promising.

Again thanks for answering my questions and I'm following now so I'm sure I'll have another in the future.

Excellent sir.Nice work.well done.

I have the same question about Bitcoin & Invest..................? @greenman

Bitcoin is currently mooning. My favourite coin

steem coin rate are increasing day by day.....i think it has a great future... what you tell about that??? @greenman

In this world all the possibilities are true @greenman