Reddit user almost finds more than 500 Bitcoins he lost

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Reddit user almost finds more than 500 Bitcoins he lost

A Reddit user came tantalizingly close to finding 533 Bitcoins stored on his brother's computer - which would be worth a whopping $ 5.2 million today.
The Bitcoins were stored on a laptop that the Reddit user “Shotukan” gave to his brother, who died in August last year. He found the computer while fiddling with some boxes among his brother's things, as he wrote today.

But - and a big but, by the way - the computer's hard drive is missing and, along with it, the Bitcoins stored there. This means that Shotukan has no access to these Bitcoins, which he must have bought for cents back in 2010.

What is the current value of 533 Bitcoins?
That amount would be worth approximately $ 5,176,421 at the current quote. If he had sold it at the top of the 2017 climb, he would have gotten even more - in the $ 10,660,000 range.

Shotukan says he will keep looking. "I'm still going to look at some boxes," he said. “My brother loved to take things and take them apart to see how they worked. I'm going to pass it box by box with a very fine comb. ”

But the prospects are not so good, as Shotukan wrote that "his brother was not at all organized". "I think it might be gone for good," he said. If it is really lost, that amount adds up to the roughly 1.5 million Bitcoins that have been lost forever, according to Coin Metrics. Although this is only an estimate, as there are several Bitcoins that have not moved since the Satoshi era and are being moved now.


Treasure hunt is not new

Not much is known about Shotukan, but a brief look at his Reddit history shows that he is already familiar with treasure hunts. He usually posts on r / FindingFennsGold, a sub-forum dedicated to decoding a famous code left by Forrest Fenn that leads to buried treasure.

Fenn, a Vietnam War veteran and art seller in Santa Fe, New Mexico, announced many years ago that he had hijacked a treasure of millions of dollars, gold and gems in the so-called Rocky Mountains. He left a poem for the searchers of this treasure to decipher it.

He concludes by saying:

“Your efforts will make up for the cold.

If you are brave and in the forest

I give you the right to gold. ”

On June 6, Fenn posted that the treasure had been found, meaning that the lost HD of Shotukan may be the only way he could find a fortune.


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