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RE: Why are Corrupt Countries so Fearful of Bitcoin?

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The most interesting thing about this post is that România has a CPI of 48.

Since I am born and raised here I must say that that information is very much incorrect. I would personally give it a very indulgent 15 points.

Because I don't know if you know this but this country is on the top 3 most corrupt countries from the EU, actually and sadly I think we occupy 1st place regarding thua matter here in the EU. Last year they silently voted a law at midnight that would officially legalize the Abuse in Service if the prejudice is not greater that 40.000 RON, that is 10.000 USD!!! So if you are a politician, you can legally steal 10k $.

Word got out, people got out of their homes and into the streets for over 3 month, the OUG nr. 13 was postponed and it's not yet taken effect, now the most funny part is th ANAF (The National Anti Fraud Association) is negotiating with the left wing party the amount that cat be legally stolen, form the sum of 10.000 $ to the sum of "only" 200 $.

And no guys, this is not at all a joke. This is what is actually happening in România. And I think bitcoin right now is a very good thing for all this corrupt politicians, because it will make it easier for them to launder their money. Aldo I don't really think they realise this yet because most of them are just mindless thugs in suits and the only thing they really know is to lie, steal and count money. And I'm not exaggerating about it. This is hiwthe majority of them really are. But they have kids... so sooner or later they will realise that btc is their new currency.


You think Romania is bad? Shit, hold my beer.

that is horrible to watch.

omg jeez...

Im not drinking alko ,for me it ok to see how everything is destroyed.haha

LOL, stuff like that happens all over the US too, middle of the morning votes. Congressional fuckers can even trade on insider info. and there is no punishment. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.