I second that. It would be great to hear the opinion of our teacher what way Verge will go since it didn't play out the way it was supposed to.

Stellar (XLM) just broke out of its triangle first, half an hour ago, Ripple is still inside, like Verge.
Sign of life.

Verge is in a triangle. It will break out soonishly, but it's very hard to say when exactly. It might tomorrow, or in another week, or where the white dot is. Time to invest in something that's closer to breakout until that happens ;)

It all depends when btc settles. When btc stops being crazy in 2 days we will have breakout...

Yep, my opinion is also that we need a bit more time for verge to explode - I'd say about a week from now, may be 10 days. Just my opinion, not a recommendation to buy, or sell Verge:)

Patience is a virtue, and from waiting in line inside triangles a lot lately, I'd guess your estimate is correct. I decided to get into Lumens yesterday morning, and I had to wait for more than a day ! But that triangle was already much progressed...
So far, hardly anybody noticed...
XML is totally oversold and a clean buy.
And of course were all just humble students here, who would not dare give advice - we only share opinons ;)