Is Cryptocurrency Good?

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It's been a while since I've written anything, but I think it's time to slowly work my way back into it. I'm going to take a new direction with this blog: the intersection of cryptocurrency and Christian ethics.

I'm doing this because they're both topics that interest me, and I think I can write intelligently about them.

It is incredibly important to me to not write as a scold, or hop onto my soapbox to write about the only way to establish good Christian crypto-economics. I want to ask questions, I want to challenge myself and others to think about how they use cryptocurrency and technology.

I hope this series isn't an ideological slog. I'm not interested in fighting those possessed by a hatred of Bitcoin, or altcoins, or fiat currency. I am interested in discussing how crypto might lead to a more just world, give opportunities to the less fortunate. I'm also interested in looking at how it can be misused and harm people, and lead to greater inequality.

While I come at this with some a priori, this is intended to be a discussion, not a lecture, and I don't have a preconceived end argument. We are in this journey together.

All of my perspectives will be viewed through a lens of traditional Christian teaching, which spans nearly 2000 years. I am a Roman Catholic, and will always view the world through that lens, but I hope this blog is helpful to anyone interested in the topic, regardless of your religious views, political persuasions, or ideology.

Let's start off with a question: how has cryptocurrency helped you or someone you personally know? Leave a response below and share this if you're interested!


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Jeff makes his "Ali-like return to the ring"

(bonus points if you know what movie that's from)

Good Question. :)
But one, that I hardly can answer. I wonder with what you will come up in this series, as I understand it?

Tokenization is a keyword that comes to mind. And the speed at which transactions can take place today. Crypto currency is not so revolutionary for me personally, because I had thought through the topic of money and work long before it, and philosophical ethical considerations always come up.

Just as crypto currency is used here on Steemit, it has (currently) more to preserve the tried and tested than to establish something else in perspective. Since the currency is still linked to an evaluation of what constitutes human existence. As long as work (use of energy) is judged by the eyes and ears of a jury, it cannot become independent.

But what could actually be the purpose of human cooperation?

Just as my observation is that crypto currency is understood and handled here, it is still a (valued) copy of the fiat currency, which does reward human action with tokens. Or not to give the reward.

Depending on the evaluation of the "jury". If the intelligence of the many (of which I am convinced), however, is set in a framework that only makes possible what can be found in the framework, the system as a whole acts in an intelligent way, because beyond the framework (which is never completely closed), there are other systems that can think and offer the decoupling of "work" and "income." ... Steemit has approaches to such decoupling, because sheer existence gives a reason to publish what is thought into the world, simply because it can be done. There is no need to publish, but there is time and energy and that is how you do it.

At the same time there are other forces at work. Those who hold up a mirror to the absurdity of fast creation and consumption: Artificial non-human users who don't read or think anything, but feed on the reward system of a currency, without the person who has released this soulless avatar to a system wanting to care about what it does. ... From my point of view, It's a rejection of the superficiality of human representational aspirations perceived in this way: a ridicule of spontaneous sensitivities such as "here I spend my vacation" or "look, my dinner", etc. By devaluing such sensitivities and saying that they are a superfluous expression of human existence, one causes some anger in the system.

The ephemerality and speed with which the created sinks back into history carries the absurd in itself: Thus, time and again, new forms of appearance and language must be created in synonymous forms, which yesterday or eight hours ago was supposed to attract attention but did not (sufficiently) do so. Does a blog that has no readers make sense?

There is no agreement from my point of view between fleeting presentation (online presence of the individual), seeing and passing, and what people think provides them with relief or improvement. Basically, everyone deeply doubts this form of existence ( I have not made up my own mind so far). ... But apparently there is a higher will at work, something that the individual does not need to decide, and against his resistance, it seems that a crypto currency is possibly just a stepping stone, one you need to imagine a world without money.

The sooner the jury's (often called community) evaluation and disinterest in the individual's presentation (blog, vlog, photos, art, etc.) takes place, the sooner one realizes how little sense it makes to maintain such kind of judgment at all. ... Let it be...

An existence in which the eyes and ears of the many (social media masses) always increase the rate in which one wants to serve these senses merely achieves that others (either mischievous or truly angry) engage in sabotage. However, something is constantly progressing that we don't really know whether it will benefit us or harm us and, as always, it will do both. Depending on how I wish to see my world as a human being and how I work in it, I always help to construct a piece of reality.

So crypto currency is not a single causal component of something that has helped me or someone. For me it is one of many expressions of reality in an inner world of people that is perceived as unreal, and depending on how the human image feeds itself, it can be good or bad. The unreal can help to see the real :)

Thanks for responding...we will see where the journey takes us, I think you understand there are a lot of answers that aren't as clear as we sometimes prefer.

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