Amazon and Bitcoin: A Match Made In Crypto Heaven?

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The fact is, cryptocurrency is here to stay. It wasn't believed by many, but you can no longer deny it.

I feel that neither can Amazon. I believe that Amazon is going to eventually take Bitcoin directly for their purchases. It is going to happen. It has to happen. Amazon will take Bitcoin directly.

Amazon is the world's biggest e-commerce retailer in the world and the power of Bitcoin is just something they cannot ignore any longer.

I know you can purchase Amazon gift cards at some sites with Bitcoin, but there is a transaction fee. I am talking about buying directly on Amazon. has already started to accept payments of their goods with Bitcoin.

Some Subway sandwich shops are accepting Bitcoins.

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It is time to realize that cryptocurrency is here to stay. I, myself, have had a hard time convincing friends and family.

I finally have one family member believing, my nephew, and he even started to mine Bitcoin!

I was happily shocked!

If and when Amazon and Bitcoin finally combine, it will be an awesome match.

All those non believers will have to start opening up to the fact that cryptocurrency is here to stay!

There is always the chance that what you paid for in Bitcoin today might be worth a lot more if the price continues to rise. It would just be a nice alternative to have,especially on smaller purchases.

I know I am new to cryptocurrency, but what I have seen in the last year, has me believing that cryptocurrency is something to truly believe in. Who knows, I am just an average guy with big crypto dreams!

Heck, I didn't know what I was getting into joining Steemit, but one year later, I am very glad I did!

What Do You Think?

Do you believe Amazon will get into Bitcoin?

How do you feel about cryptocurrency?

Please leave your comment and thanks for reading!

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Imagine you get bitcoins off of amazon affiliates

Amazon has a nice way of making it most lucrative for them. Probs an additional fee.

That would be awesome as an affiliate to have a choice of how you want to get paid.

Just imagining the idea might give me sweet dreams tonight!! :)

I would just hate to get a dvd 2pack of "Big" and "Joe vs. The Volcano" this year, and realize in two year's time that crappy set cost me $400...

That is a reason I am surprised many haven't jumped on accepting it yet. They would be making a killing if it keeps going up.

This would be an amazing idea !! Literally would make life easier and expand cryptocurrency

It would be awesome. It would be great for small purchases I think.

Oh, who wouldn't love this.....!!!
I believe it's on its way.
Just getting started with cryptocurrency, but it's already amazed me at what I can do!

Yes, it is pretty amazing stuff. Learning more and more about it everyday.

Amazon get's a slice of the pie!

you are smart! big like for you!

I think the biggest problem with Bitcoin now is the mining fees, and they keep on rising. (what a letdown)

Do you believe Amazon will get into Bitcoin?

Probably but I don't think it'll happen soon... I'll give it 3 years from now.

If Bitcoin rises as much some say it will, it might not happen but another crypto may jump in.

I think Bitcoin will eventually rise to at least $100,000... it won't suffice the world's demand if not.... the only other alternative I see to this is BTC becoming worthless.

So I wish another crypto rises for this.... or that BTC fees become lower.

As far as public adoption goes I don't think it would make that much of a difference. I think the next wave of adoption is upon us as the average saver is starting to look at bitcoin similar to gold. Most westerners don't really believe in saving so probably won't touch bitcoin until they need to for some reason, unless war or economic collapse in which case all bets are off.

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