USI TECH is a Scam

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Screenshot 2017-12-20 00.38.58.pngWell maybe not, but in terms of making money, good luck. 140% is fair gains for a 140 day period however it doesn't seem payouts will be anywhere near that percentage at the end of the contract. I like to speak from experience so I bought one package and it is showing payouts under 1% every day since purchase. Payments of 0.00003 per day on average will equate to a little over $0.50 per day and the contract period should expect maybe a $70-$80 in total payouts. It seems like most people speculate you need referrals to build your income and I personally want my money to work for me. Breaking even isn't my idea of a sound investment and with more research, I could have saved the energy. I recommend hashflare as a better investment tool and have been reinvested daily since starting my 1st contract. I recommend researching before investing your cryptocurrency in any platform, in turns of compounding interest I see this as a great option. I won't be making any withdrawals anytime soon but that seems to be the only hashflare issues, speedy deposits. Happy investing.