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RE: Leverage Trading - 1 Bitcoin Can Be Traded For 100 Bitcoins !

in #bitcoin4 years ago

Leverage Trading comes with high risk

Do it if you really understand it

Otherwise you can lose all you have

But article is good

Indians are doing great work on Steemit

Keep support to each other


@real-info I am new in crypto.should i do this trade or not?

New people have to avoid it, first need to learn basics of trading then after you may try it with small amount.

You should avoid it like the plague because you will lose all your investment if you do . I’m 100 % right on that .

dont do it unless and untill you understand the basics.

Even the basics aren't enough, you can easily lose your shirt especially with the shady ways these exchanges are known to screw over their own margin traders.

@charitybot - you are saying it right as i can clearly see there price is different then real bitcoin price as they have buy orders and sell order list what ever give them profit they can simply run towards that direction .

Yeah, it's highly probable that huge disparities in price between the exchanges are in part due to the fact that they can each manipulate the price to favor themselves depending on what margin trades+regular trades they see open at the time.

@charitybot but they can vary the price only by 100$ up or down and if they do more then that people gonna bring all there bitcoin over here to sell on bitmex which will make them on loss so $100 +- is what they deal with .

Bull run july last weak

@ real-info yaah thats true.
Kepp upvote eachother and resteem each other post .so we can earn huge

If you follow advice of Mr. Kapoor and post useful / original content then success is definite

As per leverage, start by small amount, then one day you can be expert of it

@real-info true. its very high risk and its not in our control because fundamental is always heavier than technical analysis. instant impact.

Thanks for appreciating . And yes leverage trading is only for expert level traders or if you enter at very big dip with 10x leverage you can make huge benefit at that time . @real-info

What is meant by the opening of trade mean here? Can you elaborate a little more briefly? I want to know that if bitcoin's price is $6000 and it goes to $5900 and then again it go to $6100, then what will happen?
Will I Lose money or gain money?

In my view Bitcoin test 4000$ level
What you think

No dear, I think 5800 is the bottom. What do you say about 5800 level ?

We as team of Real Info notice there is huge surge of Indian people in Steemit after your youTube videos on it

People really need to know these strategies of Trading like leverage

Try to make article on funding ( of Bitfinex) as some people have huge funds and they can earn by funding .

@real-info yes i was thinking to make some video on bitfinex as well and as you mentioned it now i will for sure work over it for my community .
And yes our community really want to do something unique that no one else have done . I am just trying my level best that 1000 or more people utilize this platform to earn there living out of it :)

nice explanation bro

Hi sumit ji i was waiting for your video about leverage trading .Thanks for making video

my test bitcoin touch this year 25000$

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Bitcoin trading is like gambling for average Joe. Gambling with 1:100 leverage is utter lunacy

if you said it is under high risk,so we press ourself in this field or not?

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