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RE: Passive Income: Hosting a Masternode is easier than You Think.

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A masternode is a complete node that holds the complete copy of the blockchain. These complete nodes are connected to a network from which transactions are made. The motherboards serve to solidify the network by making it possible to create, receive and transmit useful information to the blockchain.

In return for the service given to the community, people who set up masternodes are rewarded regularly with dividends paid in the form of cryptocurrency. However, to be eligible for the masternode and win the trust of the community, an entrance fee must be paid. This right of entry is called the collateral. This is the number of wedges needed to be allowed to own a masternode. Depending on the currencies, the collateral varies. The first coin to launch the principle of the masternode is Dash.


So what I understand about your statement is that the wallet with the 1000 DASH is the collateral for the Masternode... so the investment is quite big (as of today it would be $117,360 USD Coinmarketcap price when writen). Are any other options that you would consider if the initial capital for investing is not as big as the one required for DASH?

Dear @redouanemez

Thank you for this reply and sharing your view on masternodes. Definetly one of the best comment I've read in this thread.


Thank you for the detailed information on what a Masternode is. :)

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