The ONLY Bitcoin faucet worth your time and effort

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Recently I've been doing a lot of research on crypto faucets in order to find the best one with the biggest returns. I've wasted a lot of time and energy on quite a few faucets that all turned out to be scams who promise the world but deliver absolutly nothing.

Its been a frustrating experience that required a lot of patience and a cool head when you discover you've just wasted your time on another scam.

It's such a shame because faucets have been a part of crypto since the begining. They were originally created as an onboarding tool to get people started with their first taste of cryptocurrency. They were an alturistic tool to help build a community but today they are far from that. Today they are minefield of scammers.

During my research I've learnt just how many scammers there are out there in the crypto faucet space. It's no suprise really because we all know the cryptocurrency community is overflowing with scammers who are constantly on the lookout for new victims to exploit.

The cryptocurrency community is the perfect playground for criminals and scammers because they have the ability to cash-out their ill-gotten-gains anonymously. Add this to the fact that it's a community of people who are often looking for ways to earn a passive income and you have the ideal environment for these scammers. Then if you throw in the sometimes complicated learning curve of this new technology, it becomes a perfect storm for the criminally minded.

I live in hope that one day there will be technology to expose these scammers. Maybe some advanced Ai that can find hidden patterns within all of the data. Who knows? This technology is evolving with each passing year.

With all of that said about the scammers, I do believe, as a community, we can't let them win by stopping us from taking advantage of the genuine opportunities that exist within the crypto space. Of course, this requires a certain level of due-dilligence from all of us within the community. If we work together and look after eachother, share our experiences and expose any scams we come across, together we can limit the success of these scammers and take full advantage of the opportunities available to us.

I love the world of cryptocurrencies and I refuse to let these greedy self-serving criminals scare me off.

In that same spirit, I want to share with you the one and ONLY cryptocurrency faucet I have found which I can honestly say that I trust. This faucet is called:

(Please note: Each link I've posted in this article is a referral link of mine which I would be grateful if you use but you don't have to.)

What is different about Cointiply?

The first thing you will notice about is the lack of shameless spammy ads popping up and under your browser. You still have to complete a single ReCaptcha when claiming your hourly faucet but that is all. (This ReCaptcha is used for the right reason i.e to stop bots from claiming)

This site was launched in early 2018 and is still going strong because it's a real business with millions of loyal users.

Cointiply is a cool, very well designed app with a wealth of information and guides to show you how to earn more coins. It's a professional tool that clearly took a long time to develop unlike some of the faucets you will see out there today.

There is a large, active community around Cointiply and each time I have contacted Admin/Support, they have been very quick to respond and are always happy to help me. The community will make your due-dilligence easy. There is also, no warning banner at the top of the Cointiply thread on Bitcointalk unlike most other faucets out there today. This shows that few people have complained about the app.

So how does Cointiply work?

As you use the app's many different features to earn, you will earn yourself Cointiply Coins. The value of your earned coins are displayed at the top of the app in Dollars and BTC.

Here is a screen capture of my current balance.


There are many ways to earn on Cointiply. Here is a list of some of them...

  • Hourly Faucet
  • Watching Videos
  • Completing Surveys
  • Completing Offers
  • Downloading Apps to try
  • PTC Ads (Pay-To-Click)
  • Games
  • Gambling
  • Referrals
  • Bonuses
  • Promo Codes
  • Loyalty Earnings
  • and more

Cointiply also have a section that lists the top offers at any one time to increase your earning potential.



Loyalty Program

There is also fantastic loyalty bonus attached to each Cointiply account. The loyalty program adds a percentage to your earnings that increases by the number of days you visit Cointiply in a row. Below is my current loyalty bonus... As you can see I am at 22% because I visited the site 22 days in a row. This loyalty bonus continues to increase each day.


Earn By Completing Surveys

I have completed many surveys on this site and they all pay different amounts so you need to find the best ones for you. Before you choose a survey, it will tell you the coin reward and how long the survey will take. This is pretty random as I have earned 1500 coins for a 5min survey and 300 coins for a 6min survey. Surveys are constantly changing and I have never run out of available surveys.

The Cointiply Coin Faucet

If you've used crypto faucets then you've probably seen this type of faucet before. Each hour you can spin the faucet and depending on the number you roll will determin the amount of coins you earn. If your lucky enough to spin the jackpot number 99999 you will win at least 100,000 coins. (usually a lot more)

Since using this faucet I have won every prize except for the jackpot but maybe one day. Also, as an added bonus, they will give you an extra 51 coins if you roll a prime number.

cointiply faucet.JPG

Cointiply Withdrawls

Finally, and most importantly withdrawls. You will have no problem withdrawing your funds to your Bitcoin wallet. Withdrawl is free but only done once per week at the moment. I have taken a screenshot to give you a full breakdown of withdrawels on Cointiply.


I hope you enjoy your time using Cointiply. As I said, this is the only faucet I use and it is the only faucet I will recommend to anyone at this time. It can be a lot of fun earning your coins and believe me when I say your balance does grow very quickly.

What you waiting for? Start earning today at