Technical Analysis

in #bitcoin3 years ago


This is my TA for 15:22 UTC Mar 9. BTC will NOT reach $3000. Unless the whole Tether shit goes down, a certain Ho will eat his flabby cock if it does. It is all FUD. Everyone knows regulations are coming. The SEC wants to protect investors. It does not want American investors to lose billions of dollars by banning cryptocurrency completely. It wants to prevent scams and is warning that crypto is a very risky investment. Same goes in Japan. Regulations are coming and you may see more dips after the G20 meeting next month. Bittrex said it is fully compliant hence Coinbase is too. Binance has everything under control. You can never catch rock bottom but this is not the bubble bursting yet. Buy low, sell high is forgotten when there is FUD. Now that the Mt. Gox trustee has been outed, he is unlikely to pull the same stunt again or he will face lawsuits or death threats if he hasn't already. If that story is even true. Let's put common sense back in this market and get rid of all the FUD.


For future viewers: price of bitcoin at the moment of posting was 9273.80USD. Happy trading!