Upcoming BTC and ETH Forks

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Bitcoin & Ethereum Hard Fork

This is really getting ridiculous... 7 BTC forks and 2 ETH forks the next weeks on the way

If you want to get the Fork Coins, get your BTC on Binance. They are giving the BTC Forks to the user. Bittrex, Bitfinex and Poloniex for example do not give every fork to the user.

Dec 12 Bitcoin Hot
Dec 13 Super Bitcoin
Dec 23 Lightning Bitcoin
Dec 23 Bitcoin Platinum
Dec 25 Bitcoin God
Dec 31 Bitcoin Uranium
Jan 2 Bitcoin Cash Plus
NA Bitcoin Silver

Dec 15 Ethereum Modification
Jan 1 Ethereum Fog


Could you provide any links to official websites or at least announcement threads? I can't seem to find any information about Bitcoin Hot and the two Ethereum forks.

Also, I think you forgot about United Bitcoin (UB) and Bitcoin X.

There's also VNS which is distributing coins to Bitcoin and Ethereum holders, which isn't a fork, but you might still want to write a post about it.

Great post; what do you mean by Ethereum modification?