Four Years Ago Today

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October 1, 2017

Today marks four years that Ross Ulbricht has been incarcerated. He was recently moved from New York to USP-high Florence, Colorado, a maximum-security prison where the Bureau of Prisons puts its most violent offenders. This is not because Ross is violent, but because of his excessive sentence of double life plus 40 years, without parole.

All Ross’ charges are non-violent; he is a first-time offender, and has no history of violence. No victims came forward at trial to say Ross had harmed them in any way. It is quite the opposite, as demonstrated by 100 letters to the judge. In addition, there are many questions about the investigation and trial, including corrupt government agents, precluded evidence and Constitutional violations.

Ross’ designation score, which the BOP uses to place people, is a 12. Even including the charges, that score is so low that it places Ross in a low security prison with non-violent people. He scores one point up from a camp – which has no fences. But because of the sentence issued by Judge Katherine Forrest he is in a USP with violent gangs.

Judge Forrest could have given Ross the mandatory minimum of twenty years, which is a very long sentence – a generation. But that wasn’t enough for Judge Forrest. Neither was 60 years. Judge Forrest was not satisfied with anything less than Ross leaving the prison as a corpse. And taxpayers will pay over $1 million to keep us “safe” from Ross.

Ross is not unique. Life sentences have quintupled since the ‘80s and the drug war. 17,000 people, like Ross, are serving life today for non-violent charges.

Denied appeal by the 2nd Circuit, Ross is preparing to petition the Supreme Court. It is Ross’ hope-- and ours-- that this and his case will shine a light on the rampant abuses in our criminal justice system and the misery the drug war is inflicting (while not curtailing drug use at all). This is our aim, not just for Ross, but for the multiple thousands of people and their families whose lives are being destroyed.

It is a sad anniversary today, but we remain hopeful that Ross will find relief and ultimately be free. And that our criminal justice system will become one that is humane and effective.



It's a tragedy of justice.

The saying is true. "Only the middle class believes in justice because the rich and poor know better." Only a fool would believe there's justice to be had in our court system. A thief robbed me in court once. The judge knew he was a thief too, but the truth and justice didn't matter. I was still robbed. My case is nothing compared to Ross's of course.

I really don't have much hope for humanity because of cases like his. If the level of injustice done to him can happen without major upheaval by the majority of people, what hope do we have to defend liberty? Most people just don't give a damn because it isn't them being squashed by the government. They don't care because it isn't their loved one or themselves.

It's because our government is basically the mafia. Ross was a threat to the mafia' business, so they used the legal system to make an example out of him. To them it's a matter of preserving their control, and not at all a matter of justice.

you cant sell drugs - the government hates competition


Right, but we must educate the masses about the truth. I just was released from federal prison. The war on drugs is the biggest scam against social classes ever created, publicly traded prisons, and wrongful sentences, a life sentence without taking a life is the biggest crime there is. I will be posting and advocating for prison reform, and legislative changes. Please follow me, I just started here......

It's good to see someone comment meaningfully on this post. It is a tragedy. He lost his life and liberty and you are right that it can happen to anyone. The sentence is totally out of proportion and he is being used as a threat to others who wish to step outside of the system that taxes them and manipulates them. He has to suffer this every day. There is no justice.

There's another saying... You get as much justice as you can afford. That is a lie though when the government is your opponent. They will crush you no matter how much money you have. :(

Totally. They have ensured they have the power to decide who gets 'justice'.

If such lawlessness is happening in the US for the sake of the mafia, then what to say about Ukraine - whose government ignores even the decisions of the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights for the benefit of man. And thus, in accordance with the UN General Declaration of Human Rights of 10.12.1948: Considering that it is necessary that human rights are protected by the rule of law in order to ensure that a person is not forced to resort, as a last resort, to an insurrection against tyranny and oppression.

"Insurrection against tyranny and oppression" is not an ideal situation, but it is better than allowing collectivists, of all flavors, to turn nations into prisons.

I just want to be left alone as long as I harm no one or their property. It would be nice to not be robbed while I'm being peaceful too.

The UN isn't going to help. No government system will. We have to create alternatives to governments and walk away from them. That's part of what is doing.

Thanks for the follow, and I'm following you back. :)

Walk away from government as a whole, not disrespecting those who serve out military but to
Boycott and join together in unity as citizens. Cut the hatred game they push on everyone, and join together to educate and learn from history and throw out these criminal politicians.

Storm Clouds Gathering has a term for it. It is called the "Chain of Obedience.". Most police and military do as they are ordered. History is full of ample evidence.

Totalitarians are all alike. Very predictable.

You are totally right. I believe they are wanting to set an example with him, so people won't rise to take his position.

And yet this failed. Dark Net markets are bigger than ever.

Most people in our society with any form of education are totally unaware of the "system". I was introduced to the system at age 34 after falling on some hard times through addiction. I have been out of federal prison for about 1.5 yrs and am beginning my journey to fight for prison reform, and the war on drugs. We need to educate the masses about the monetized prison system, and the social injustices

If you don't mind sharing, what were you in for please? Let me guess. A supposed drug "crime?" Was there a victim?

sorry for delay. I was actually in for counterfeiting money, but it was related to drug use. There were victims, Wal-Mart and Best Buy,,,I was indicted for $60 and served a total of 3 years

You counterfeited $60 and spent 3 years in prison because of it? Ouch. I had a father in law that was an artist, and he got caught duplicating county vehicle tax stickers. The judge said he had never seen such a close match. haha

You really got screwed @positivechange10, there is no way you could have counterfeited money in the United States. No money has existed in the United States since 1933, gold and silver coin is the only lawful money.
You may have counterfeited "legal tender" which is what most people believe to be money, but it is not money. Take any bill out of your wallet and really read what is printed on it. You will see "Federal Reserve Note" , what is a note?
A note is evidence of a debt, ever hear of a mortgage note? or a car note?
So why do we call the paper we carry a dollar bill, five dollar bill, ten dollar bill etc. ? Because we are carrying around evidence of a government debt owed to the banking cartel, a bill is a debt. We don't carry paper money around in our wallets, we carry around government debt, pretending that it is money. The sad part is that most people have no clue as to what I am saying, but it is true , the government education system gets credit for keeping generations of Americans in the dark with regard to the United States monetary system.
Go read the indictment that they charged you with, if it says "money" on it, they committed fraud against you.

Point taken. Thank you.

well said, i second your opinion

Once you experience this directly your eyes are opened. As the government becomes more and more oppressive, people will care. Hopefully not too late.

I'm sorry. It will be too late. Human psychology is a real bitch. People just don't care until it is a loved one. :( People like us are very rare.

I agree with you . It reminds me of what my lecturer once said that once you are face to face with the rich they will make sure you suffer. In this world there is not much justice . Of course they just want to make an example of him. One's freedom is based on his social standing other wise we really not free.

don't worry...time comes over everything...that judge too

I never heard that saying but how true it is.

I would like to share this terrible story on a Facebook page I follow.
may I have your permission please?

Please do

Truly sad. Not much else I can think to say.


Sad yes, but also alarming. The precedent is very dangerous for us all.

I would hope that the Supreme Court will see sense. A ridiculous sentence that should not be upheld. There are people who get less for murder. The Judge was clearly on some sort of power trip. It’s a shame there are such individuals in these positions of power. I wish the guy all the best and that sense will prevail.

Please follow back and upvote you lovely people.

He lost his appeal earlier this year. It was much more than a power trip. It set a powerful precedent that is dangerous & threatens the 4th amendment rights of all Americans.

And precedent filters down and impacts us all.

Yes I know & I have been personally heavily impacted by 4th amendment violations. Warrantless cellphone search to be exact. I feel deeply for Ross as his case hits very close to home for me. I sincerely wish I was in a position to help him.

Hello Lyn. Thank you for giving us all an update. I remember hearing your talk at Porcfest a couple years ago and how completely messed up that trial was. I'm so sorry for the hardships you and your family have faced. I hope for a future which will only view crime as something involving an actual victim. I hope your son will be vindicated. It's frustrating to think about how the verdict of public opinion against him was controlled by media pushing fantastic stories about hitmen while ignoring proven realities of corrupt government agents stealing bitcoin for themselves. I hope the truth will come to light.

Thank you! Please spread the word.

Suspected of...
Creating a free market
Within a free country
So we incarcerate
For, you know...

Nice post @rossulbricht. Memories never fade.





Political prisoners can be the worse since they have the ability to mold minds that are easily influenced.

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So random, how do you get upvoted - and by a witness (good-karma)! ??

Seeing your comment after reading about the injustice that has robbed a very smart person of his life for building a system to improve lives (that others used for bad) MADE ME ANGRY!

The judge is the real miscreant! A person who is afraid of the future and the power new technology gives INDIVIDUALS! Everyone should spend 10 minutes reading about Forrest - educate yourselves and know how the same people who put Forrest in power are suffering from authoritarian rule from her and others!

Yea. This is strange. I almost only vote witnesses that provide public rpc nodes

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Sad story... Thank you for sharing

The governments should arrest real criminals. Instead they just arrest who ever gives alternative to their communication monopol. The open communication and privacy is blessed. If there are victimizing criminals they should be arrested regardless the media they are using. God knows that powerful government persons are victimizing and none can make justice. Because they rule the media.

the governments and their agents ARE the criminals

It is beyond my understanding how Ross can get 2.5 life sentences, while Hillary Clinton gets off free. The ruling class is clearly above the law, while the people are prosecuted to the extreme. It has to change.

Basically unAmerican.

People don't realize that the fight for our liberty is right here on this soil, in our courtrooms, and our financial markets. I hope people realize this before it is too late.

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I have voted for and re-steemed this post. I should point out however, that although you speak of non-violent crimes, the Link posted in @wondergirl's reply refers to a Wikipedia entry which reveals that the charges were for money-laundering, drug trafficking, identity theft and other very serious internet fraud related crimes, and while they may seem non-violent, they fund and facilitate drug cartels, terrorist organisations and, organised crime, sex-trafficking and illicit weapons transactions.

I would say that these crimes are far more serious than a string of murders, rapes, kidnappings or even a shooting spree as they facilitate all of these and far more in large numbers, especially as the 'silk road' dark-net operation was a hive of underworld activity of this nature.

I believe in a correction approach which does not put offenders together to foster an osmosis of negative characteristics but rather an environment of increased nurture as people with criminal intent are normally deficient in aspects of social and personal skills.

I do not believe that the punishment in this case is fitting.

It is inappropriate however, to promote this agenda on the grounds of non-violent crime without providing the omitted information.

Those who are up-voting this post aught to be fully apprised of the nature of the crimes in question so that they can make an educated decision rather than simply responding to a bleeding-heart appeal for the 'victim/perp' in a case they are led to believe is non-violent.

This is akin to saying that a heroin producer is non-violent since he does not personally kill anyone. His violence lies in his generation of wealth through the destruction of others through facilitating and promoting drug abuse.

The crimes this man was convicted of most certainly represent some of the most violent, pernicious, henous the world has ever seen and are an extremely serious threat to all as the facilitation of a network like the silk-road in question results in far higher levels of cooperation between entities which destroy society.

Holy sit so sad God will help you.

I spent 3 years in Federal Prison. I was incarcerated go figure for "counterfeiting money the same thing the Federal Reserve which is a privately owned company can do at leisure. My story is I feel into addiction and counterfeiting was a way of survival. I was in corporate America prior to that for 15 years made 6 figure income, and now cant buy a job. My whole point is I will be posting here a lot about prison reform, and the social injustice within our prison system. I will pray for Ross!

thank you for sharing

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thanks for this reminder and sharing the story

There was political pressure to close down Silk Road and I assume Ross was caught up in that. The FBI made a statement that the costs of closing down Silk Rd were so high, they would have not done it except for the political pressure.

Your tax money at work! "Political pressure" = Chuck Schumer. I didn't know about that statement, but don't doubt it. Do you have a source?

Sometimes we convince ourselves that Justice is served in other countries than our own country, but it's same everywhere because corruption has eaten deep into our country. I hope with time there will be a better government ready to fight for Justice.

We got to get Trump to pardon Ross

Anybody have any contacts with the administration?

great stuff glad to upvote :)

if you like check my post :

Such a Sad. I am speechless today @rossulbricht!

I'm pretty sure most people who comment here, did not even read this article. How can this be "Nice"??? this story is a tragedy. I really hope Ross to be a free man again. Somehow this story made me remind "Shawshank Redemption".

Yes not so nice. The criminal justice system is a monster. Thanks for your good wishes. I guess I need to see that movie.

Sweet path we lost with the great hero and the freedom hill
May the dream of sansan thcheou kyang Keeps you free

may the wind bring you happiness and prosperity :)
enjoy :)

Truly sad. I'm so sorry for the hardships you and your family have faced.

Thank you. Please spread the word.

justice system sometimes corrupt, the oligarchs set the judge with money...and take advantage on it..they will decide who will be in prison, it at make useful to have own benefits on to them to get away person on target to avoid being expose on there dark works.

I hope that Ross finds peace in his heart while being locked up. Judge Forrest needs to be re-evaluated for competency. She may be bi-polar and operate off of her mood swings.

Millions around the world are stuck in prisons for non-violent charges. Some, many actually, are innocent. The justice system is so paralyzed.

Let me share a news headline here.

Two brothers who are declared innocent today by the Supreme Court after 20 years of trials have been found to be executed two years ago.

OMG. There are huge numbers innocent, over sentenced, destroyed.

This is an example of how our government treats us. No Justice... Sad story!

Good luck to you.

Poor guy is serving life while violent rapists and murders would be getting out of prison after four years...

I feel safer, don't you?

thoughts be with you ross lad :[

To Ross and all of the tens of thousands of unnamed faces wrapped up in the supposed "drug war" - I hope you all one day receive justice for the crimes committed against you... Every person reading this should also acknowledge the fact that every one of these crimes are committed in our name...

I believe he will set free soon. and i will keep in my prayer for him.

Thanks for your prayers. We need them!

God bless you !

How much Bitcoin do we need to buy his prison and set him free?

I don't think it's for sale. But it is amazing how many millions and millions it cost to build and maintain.

I don't think it's for sale. But it costs multiple millions to build and maintain.

Just one prison?

The worst part about this is that the drug war isn't going anywhere. Billions of hard working People Their Money Wasted on a losing war. Not to mention the lives ruined

Over $1 trillion wasted; 45 years; people still do drugs. America's longest war is a failure. Stop it!!

I don't understand one thing. Multinational companies get away with these things when people use their service or product for illegal means!

And when druglords and similar business players have accounts on different websites per say social media, these social media companies don't go down. Now if those seller accounts on silk road were used for wrong purpose, what could Ross would have done, anyway.

P.S. I don't really know what happened, these are just my views.

Previously I am grateful, because you already share about this.
Very interesting topic of my brother, I really want to encourage Ross. In order to have justice for him.
I really want justice there for all the people in the world, one for Ross.
My greetings from the western tip of Indonesia.
Good luck Ross

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

George Orwell was right.
The world is an animal farm. We all citizens are at the lowest end of the pyramid.

I've noticed that!

all the best @rossulbricht

the prison system is just one of our new forms of slavery.

Excellent work from the team! Looking forward to some exciting times ahead!
This is awesome as people can now monetize all kinds of websites, blogs and forums with this tech!
A complete game changer this!

hopefully ross immediately free and can breathe the outside air back. may God show miracles for him,

Jesus this is shocking!

hey, its a very good post and keep posting like this in future,,,,,,

[ There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible to live without breaking laws ] -- Ayn Rand

The Rule of Law is dead in western society. So then, what are we going to do about it?

Will we just pretend it didn't happen and continue about our daily lives as if nothing is wrong?
Are we going to ignore this man's plight, since we don't know him personally?
Maybe we can just remain silent and hope the state doesn't target us next?

When the Rule of Law is dead, there is no reason to continue abiding by the rules. Talking is when we believe we can work within the system peacefully. We don't have a working system anymore.

"[The Silk Road case] is the birth of law of our digital future. Ignore it at your peril."
Scott Greenfield, Criminal Defense attorney

All this things really hurt common man's sentiments everytime such incidents occur only common man goes into trouble this causes decrease in the belief that we have so called judiciary system which is always with rich..... Thanks for writing such wonderful article @rossulbricht

Another tragedy of the USPS, best of luck with your efforts.

Liberty means little in this day and age. You have a home, until you get on the wrong side of the government, then you have a compound. You are a hero, until you get on the wrong side of the government, then you are a fugitive. You are a journalist, until you get on the wrong side of the government, then you find yourself trapped in an embassy...

And it's getting harder and harder to stay on their "right" side! (read 3 felonies a day)

Very true, sadly!

That's what we keep fighting for. Thank you.

@rossulbricht. And the people who have given the go-ahead to bomb innocent people all over the globe are given accolades. Who said the world was level?

I would hope that the Supreme Court will see sense. A ridiculous sentence that should not be upheld. There are people who get less for murder. The Judge was clearly on some sort of power trip. It’s a shame there are such individuals in these positions of power. I wish the guy all the best and that sense will prevail.

Please follow back and upvote you lovely people.

Really a sad one indeed, More inquest should be conducted to substantiate his incarceration nowadays People could be incriminated. Here Nigeria i am a coordinator of a human right aid called Joint legal Action Aid. we serve as the voice for the oppressed .

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He deserve a right trait not because of his excessive statement he will put in USP-high Florence, Colorado, a maximum-security prison thats unfair 😤

May the Lord grant him mercy.

I'm really glad to see this post make it to the top of the trending page.
Upvoted 100%

Reminds me of the making of a murderer documentary on Netflix.. crying shame our judicial system gets away doing whatever it wants

It's a tragedy....

The Judge is abusing his/her power and this should stop. Hope no one had to face such a disaster. Also I hope that he gets his justice by his appeal.

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To get technical, why is it, Ross Ulbricht is being held more responsible as the creator of the free market, than for example, Steven Sadler, an individual who was actually disturbing and selling illegal drugs(Steven's sentence was 5 years)?

Yes, Ross created (which he has admitted and doesn't deny) Silk Road. However, Ross didn't buy, sell, or directly help disturb drugs, guns, or anything else that may have been considered illegal. So why was he held responsible(more responsible in some cases) for what others did?

In 2015(if I'm not mistaken it was 2015), it was discovered that vendors on eBay had been selling scheduled I(and II) meth-precursors (along with other things such as guns and fraud equipment). Was Pierre Omidyar(founder and current board member of eBay) held responsible and given 2 life sentences? Of course not, because why should he (or anyone who creates a marketplace like Ross) be held responsible for the illegal actions of others?

This whole case is a mess, the excessive sentence(not to mention he was held without bail in 2013) alone is a violation of the 8th Amendment.

Talk about injustice, this is absolutely disgusting.

That is how you sort the oligarchy from the rest. People sell drugs on ebay? No problem for ebay. Silk Road? Ah they get the site operator. Hey every RIAA muic video is on youtube? Hm... they dont hold youtube responsible. No. Now the same thing happens on megaupload. Ah so they go after the sys op.

BTW, Sadler was the biggest cocaine and heroin seller on Silk Road and yes, got 5 years. Not to mention that Blake Benthall, who admitted to running Silk Road 2.0 (which sold 4x as many drugs per month as Silk Road) was released in 2014 and is a free man. I believe it is because Ross is a political prisoner. The judge said as much at sentencing when she said it was clear he created the site based on a philosophy and she wasn't sure he had given that philosophy up. I think an alternative currency (bitcoin) and privacy (tor) were the real concern. The prosecutors said Ross was the first to "use the internet in this way" and must be punished for that. I think the other Silk Road sentences demonstrate that it was not about drugs. And your points about unequal treatment under the law are exactly right. I have many more examples.

One thing that everyone is missing though, and I dont disagree about his freedom being deserved:

Ross Ulbrict attempted to put a hit on someone. This was his undoing. He attempted to have one of his main people killed when he thought they flipped on him.

Thats why he was charged as harshly as he was. Before that they wouldve treated him like Rick Ross

This was not charged or proven at trial and none of his convictions claim this. Ross says it isn't true. It has never been proven. It is based on evidence provided by Carl Mark Force, a corrupt agent now in prison. And I've been told many times that smearing someone with unproven crimes is business as usual. Don't believe everything you read.

It's sad and scary.
I often put myself in others' shoes. Here my whole body shivers from head to toe; eyes fill with tears.
I wonder after looking at the calm face of Rosul, 'that's courage!'

Pleasant post. Much obliged. If you don't mind follback vote n remark @alirazaamjad my companions. Much appreciated

I followed Ross' case at the time and we were all deeply saddened by the outcome but more over, I was blown away by the lack of support across the board. You would hope that a miscarriage of justice of this magnitude would not go unnoticed by the world... but it did. It must be correct then that people don't act until it's one of their own loved ones. This needs to change, when someone like Ross, who ticks all the right boxes for a fair trial in America, i.e white, middle class, well educated and with no previous charges can receive two life sentences, without payroll and the people of America aren't shocked into action. This is a travesty not just for Ross but for America. I recently read that American prosecutors win 99.5% of their cases, 97% without trial, because the plea-bargaining system extorts inculpatory evidence from witnesses in exchange for reduced sentences or immunity from prosecution, including for perjury, and threatens them with prosecution if they decline to co-operate. In practice this means being catechised by prosecutors in a largely false sequence of allegations against the target. Every informed person in America should know this is how the system operates and yet nothing is ever done about it. I will continue to follow and support Ross's case, thanks for update... fight the power... and convert it to steem!

"And that our criminal justice system will become one that is humane and effective." LOL

Now I strongly believe that in every country its the same situation... Politicians get away from their shit but citizen has to suffer all the time... corruption everywhere buddy....sad very sad.. followed you

Living legend. Hail hail

Doubtful he will ever receive any clemency unless the entire system is completely overhauled.
But as a former convict myself I can tell u the entire thing is Bullshit. Kangaroo trial and 3 years just like that.
I get so fucking mad that this shit is still going on and the everyday yuppie ma and pa doushes who follow all the rules think everything is all puppies and roses.
I don't know how we bring this fucking thing down but it has to happen.
I am currently trying to put myself in a position where I don't use the gov for anything. but as long as people continue to leach off the gov for welfare and housing and the right to marry and everything else they will keep up their attacks on whatever they can. that being whatever is illegal or whatever public opinion deems unsavory like cigarettes.
I honestly don't see it ever ending as long as useless ass people need the gov and pussy ass people demand the gov do everything for them. It's gonna have to be up to us free thinkers to put ourselves in the best positions possible as to be untouchable by govs geographically, monetarily, energy independent and militarily.

Welfare is important. What if you are a mother and lose your husband and have 2 children and get a depression? Do you think there will come a stranger and give money? Nobody here borrowed or helped me when I was on the street and I told 15000 people about bitshares and steemit. Words are easy to say. Reality is a big difference than talking.

It's a Tragedy Of Justice.
It's Horrible.
I Would Like To Share This Terrible Story On A Facebook Page I Follow. I Am Waiting For Your Permission To Share This.

This is horrible, drugs, all drugs need to be taken out of the judicial system and put in the care of the health system. Addiction and drug use need to be seen as a part of a disorder. There is to much money spent on drug enforcement and not enough on research and treatment. By looking to countries like Portugal that has decriminalized all drugs and put the money spent on enforcement into treatment we can look at different and better ways to approach this problem. They even have mobile methadone clinics that travel around to administer the drug on a daily no charge to users. This is much more cost effective and with a much better efficacy rate than imprisonment.

Truly a sad story! An Injustice. I think you would like to read my most recent post

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It's great to see somebody remark seriously on this post. It is a disaster. He lost his life and freedom and you are correct that it can transpire. The sentence is thoroughly out of extent and he is being utilized as a danger to other people who wish to venture outside of the framework that expenses them and controls them. He needs to endure this consistently. There is no equity.

Nice post bro ... thankx for sharing @upbuzz

I would like to share this terrible story on a myFacebook and my other social media accounts page I follow.
may I have your permission please?

you are earning u do

Life is unfair. They say money is not good luck. Please today, saving your life, or just health go to the doctor or clinic without moneyHe no longer important that you are human.He do not have money, you have to leave this broken parole. Money is the rule. The truth is that corruption has taken over the whole world. All institutions. The dimension of justice is not credible. We are not safe. There is no concealment. You are a completely unimportant person. If you are not very rich, you are not aristocrat. Position. This is true. I pray to Ross for justice to go away. To become a free man, and to commit corrupt penalties.

You are totally right