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RE: STEEM Update: Frustrated as to why STEEM Isn't Going Higher??

in #bitcoin4 years ago

People becoming frustrated says it all to me. This seems like psychology 101> As more and more people become frustrated the bottom becomes carved out.... Once all those people have sold and given up that is when the train leaves the station and fast in crypto......... then all those sellers who missed the train are the ones that are the fuel for the next rally. TRY THIS GAUGE YOUR OWN FEELING and as you feel more and more frustrated don't sell just take a mental note.....then just work on your patience and calming techniques as the bottom sellers gets exhausted!!!! Then as haejin says KABOOOM! Then as your profits start rolling in again take a mental note of your feelings!!! Now as you go through this process over and over again you will become better and better at it. !!!! Learn to notice small changes in your trading and behavior...Asset allocation you can read from a book. but risk management is only learned through trail and error!


Ice cream works best!