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Asic are useful tools for in POW. Asic basically force miners/ lock miners into using the chain. Gpu= miners switching the chain anytime. Asic= not many choices
But bitcoin can't handle a POW change now. If we do this then bitcoin credible/security would go down hill. But i do like cobra's plan. Here what i think should happen.
After LN is 70% mass adopted. The community now can hear/focus on other things such as POW change.
An Asic friendly POW that looks for useful numbers and a POS hybrid. With this in one year, it will be put into bitcoin mainet. It would kill two birds. One bitcoin POW is not completely wasteful and gives enough time for companies to make asics. POW would get 99.8% of the reward block. While POS would get 0.2% of the block reward. Aka the too proof are weighted differently. POS would be full nodes now earning bitcoins block rewards and the fees while earning from LN fees.
POW+POS gives the perfect mix of the two.


Make sense what you are talking. Point is to make Bitcoin stronger, not to start war against BITMAIN.

um...Should i clarity what i mean more? I meant that POW change can't be done now and i gave an modified version of cobra POW change plan.
I confused on

Make sense what you are talking.

Ask me what so confusing and I'll clarify my statement. :)

I should wrote "have sense" 😁 sorry. I understand what is your idea and I like it👍

No problem :)

Rumor has it that #Samsung is going to making some moves in the world of mining Asics. I'm not surprised at all though! #crypto

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