Bitcoin Has Outpeformed 92% of ICOs - So Which Are The Ones It Didn't?

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Was just reading a stat that said Bitcoin has outperformed 92% of ICOs, according to this article at least.


That's all well and good, but all that makes me want to know is....

Which Alt Coin ICOs Have Outperformed BTC???

I'm sure I could do some digging through coinmarketcap and the like to figure this out, but I won't be able to so that until tomorrow - so why not get the conversation started!

Then the next question becomes - do we invest in those alts given the out performance?

Goodness, I love investing and all the different angles there are to take!

P.S. - you can find the article referencing this stat here


I think ETH is still one of the best performers of all. I still think it will outperform in the future as well.

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Hope you are's one of my top 5 holdings.

But bitcoin wasn't a ICO?

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