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RE: PARTICL = Bitcoin+Privacy+POS+COLD-STORAGE POS+Messenging+App framework+P2P Marketplace w/atomic swaps that pays dividends.

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PARTICL, once known in a former life as SHADOW CASH,

Most of the Shadow team is working on Particl now, but Particl is a different project than ShadowCash, just to clarify. :)

Privacy is still at the team's core, in their products and a core value of Particl, but Particl isn't the SDC chain, has a better codebase (Bitcoin 0.15.1 vs 0.8), has better privacy (CT and RingCT vs Dual-Stealth addresses and ZK proofs.)

Great writeup!


Thank you for the clarification. I have updated to reflect that information!

Yep! No problem!

PARTICL, a custom fork of SHADOW CASH, is a Bitcoin-based (Bitcoin 0.15.1),

It's definitely NOT a custom fork of ShadowCash either :) We started as a fork of Bitcoin 0.14.2 but have been one of the only, or only fork that stays lock step with latest Bitcoin code. So we're at 0.15.1 now which is actually more up-to-date than Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold (direct splits of Bitcoin proper blockchain)

The sentence is fine maybe without ", a custom fork of SHADOW CASH,"

Thanks again, re-updated!

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