Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Releases CryptoKitties-Style Game ‘Leci Gou’

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Search engine giant Baidu has propelled a CryptoKitties-style blockchain application in an offer to challenge the prevalent — and lucrative — game of supremacy quality in the Chinese market.

Baidu Releases CryptoKitties-Style Game ‘Leci Gou’

The application, called "Leci Gou," highlights puppies rather than little cats, however the idea will sound very natural to CryptoKitties clients.

Clients can receive computerized pets, each of which has special physical qualities that decide its irregularity and esteem. Proprietors can breed their computerized puppies, or they can pitch them to different clients.


Be that as it may, while CryptoKitties keeps running on the general population Ethereum blockchain, Baidu has not uncovered whether Leci Gou is utilizing an open blockchain or a private one created and kept up in-house by its blockchain examine group, which takes an interest in the Hyperledger consortium.

Another distinction is that — in any event at display — Leci Gou just acknowledges the blockchain's local token, so clients can't purchase and offer pets utilizing real cash unless they encourage these exchanges off the stage. In any case, Baidu says that the amusement is still in beta testing, so it is conceivable the organization will adapt it later on.

Meanwhile, new clients with Baidu records can embrace one advanced puppy and get 1,000 in-diversion tokens for nothing.

CryptoKitties Comes to China

Eminently, the arrival of Leci Gou comes a long time before CryptoKitties itself dispatches in China through a circulation concurrence with Hong Kong gaming firm Animoca Brands, as indicated by a Quartz report.

As per the production, the amusement will be disseminated amid the Lunar New Year, which begins on Feb. 16, and will include a line of occasion themed cats to honor the event. The report likewise says that it will be called 迷恋猫 (mi lian mao), which generally means "Feline Obsession."

To maintain a strategic distance from administrative issues related with China's prohibition on digital money trades, the application won't advise clients how to trade Ethereum for fiat monetary standards.

On the off chance that CryptoKitties turns out to be as prevalent in China as it is somewhere else, it could indeed prompt huge blockage on the Ethereum arrange, making the stage's scaling issue by and by raise its head.

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