ever thought that steemit and all these "decentralized" platform are part of the plan making us think we are against the system whereas we are getting drawn into it? Have a look at the way this platform runs there was a post on truth about war on Syria she got over 9000 views and generated less than $2 and at same time there was a post on a bowl of stew it got $40 in half an hour lol a few of us started talking about it since then the views have disappeared, so technically its a centralized decentralized platform, just a thought.

Yes I'm totally thinking along those lines.

There are some very suspicious (CIA?) people in positions of power round here...

There are also real geniuses exposing cutting edge truth. I've learned a lot, made a lot of money from what I've learned about cryptos (most of what is posted is bollocks) and I'm a big fan of Steemit, but I don't trust the underlying motivation for it's establishment.

At this point I think there are several competing objectives here - Steem crypto currency, Steemit blogging platform, Steemit investors, EOS and CIA.

I don't have any predictions what will happen, but I'm here and watching what happens.

OK - now I'll be upfront - you tick every box on my list for a fake account - have you got an intro post or any personal photos or info?

No I'm an Asian lad from uk not the most popular type on social media. never been on social media to be fair just came on here coz first thought it was a way of getting some views across my mates are on twitter and facebook and always complaining they cant say what they wanna get stuff taken down whatever. So on here and Sola load of shit 95% dont speak no english and work together in the villages to vote for each other. Literally 2 other people on there that actually talk ones some feminist and other a Zionist well that's what I can gather. Also the whole blockchain crypto thing to me at first was just mind blowing it still is but the more I think about it the more It worries me in a sense. Its good to be a bit sceptical about people I'm usually the same. I got the rest but what's the EOS thing about?

A zionist and a feminist? Yikes!

The founders of Steemit - Ned and Dan - are having a tech geek war - EOS will be released in 37 days, possibly with an intent of stealing market share from Steemit

Now I'll be upfront again - what part of England and what personal details? - replying without any is the next box on the list and there are hundreds of thousands of fake accounts being set up, so hounding new accounts is the only tactic really.

near leeds west Yorkshire. what about you? and what personal details? bank account sort code are you a Nigerian prince that's gonna make me rich lol
I'm probably gonna try other forums reading about one called uunio or summat and will read about this one the key for me is get in early which kinda sounds like a pyramid scheme but defo works. I'm on telegram aswell Q Hussain. You in any staking platforms? I'm in a few Thorn. Finecoin, Dropil all doing shit but got a feeling they gonna do summat once they get there fingers out

I'm in Wellington NZ - I don't even know what a staking platform is! I just buy crytptos and then change them for other ones - sometimes like buying Bitcoin, holding it for a year and then selling it worked well.

You still haven't come up with a photo - up to about a year ago that was pretty much required - BUT - you have a sense of humour, and fake accounts don't generally have those, so that is a good sign

I suppose so, however the fakers might be on to that and adapting there approach. Time to call in mulder and scully to investigate. LIke I said never been in to social media so not really into posting stuff about myself to be fair pictures wise, plus I been really active when I was younger don't want no kids messaging me saying hi daddy lol I still have a nokia phone mrs and my kid always telling me to get a "proper" phone but don't trust em. With social media and a phone they can literally know everything about you then again nowadays people are open like a book.
Staking is similar to what bitconnect was but that was a lending platform. These are now staking so you buy coins hold on to em they give you daily interest then hopefully price rockets up aswell can be good but risky. What do you do living wise and how old are you? I'm 38 born 1980 last few years of the normal humans before phones internet more tv channels took over.

I'm a crusty old conspiracy theorist of 51 (can't believe I'm saying that...)

I've been all over the internet since 98 so can't really hide

Mainly make $ from doing this

2 questions what you think of cardano I'm feeling that holding a bit bought at $0.12 holding it for long term and also whats this bandwith on steem do I have to put money on here or does it sort its self out happened to me couple of times now Cheers

I'm having a small gamble on Cardano - it could work out.

You don't become a first class citizen until you have over 500 Steem power in your wallet and get a vote slider and unlimited bandwidth.

But so long as you don't post more than about 20 pics a day you will be fine