What REALLY happened at the Warren Buffett & Justin Sun lunch?

in #bitcoin11 months ago

Justin Sun placed the winning charity bid for a lunch with Warren Buffett: $4.5 MILLION dollars. Every major media outlet in the country was talking about it and about bitcoin, which was an incredible publicity coup. Then a few weeks ago the lunch finally took place, so I sat down for an exclusive interview with Justin Sun at the Satoshi Roundtable to answer my 4.5 million questions:
Did they eat gilded caviar?
Was there juicy gossip?
Does Buffett still think Bitcoin is rat poison squared and a "delusion"?
Was it a buffet with Buffett?

All of these questions were answered, plus I got the low-down on how Buffett really feels about Bitcoin. I also talk about what really happens at the Satoshi Roundtable each year, an event that is often shrouded in mystery but is hands down the best event that I attend each year.

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Great interview, interesting topic - too bad you couldn't ask him about the recent developments with Steem. :D

cool. good interview thanks

Exactly 😇👍