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RE: Claim your Bitcoin Cash (BCH)- One time opportunity !

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Has anyone taken advantage of this successfully? I have gotten 2 messages and contacted support, but honestly, I'm kind of sketched out about it. Seems shady, and I dont want my BTC to disappear.

If anyone has done this, I'd love to hear back before Sept. 15.


will find updates very soon , this weekend they run App (0.0.28) so I guess within 2-3 days will be flagged if it is light !

That's a good point. I was going to scour twitter and reddit, as well after this weekend, see if anybody is complaining or saying thanks. I just have to be patient.

Hey, just did it today check my reply below or above, it came out smoothly, and succesfully.

but the paradox is that they may decide to pay the firs wave and fuck the latter joiners: D if they decided to turn into scam

Yes I just completed the transaction and its real. I sent .90 BTC to my wallet on QoinPro, then I contacted them through their Twitter Page, which the CEO, Wouter Van Der Schagt is who I talked to, and you talk to him and he will credit your BitcoinCash Wallet with the same amount that you deposited in to your BTC Wallet. Once hes done crediting your BitcoinCash then you can withdrawal your BTC right away, and then once you get your BitcoinCash in your Wallet you can withdrawal that right away. You only have til the 15th so times running out. I was nervous too, because I sent over .90, but QoinPro has been around for many years, and I had read that others were successful with this.

I have the same feeling, there is no much information about this plattform in any blog or forum, I don't want to miss out, but neither do I want to loose my Bitcoins, Hope someone can light us up.

Lol, I just have this bad fantasy of deposting BTC, getting a message saying they are "holding for review", then come Sep. 15 they close up shop and say, "Thanks for the dough. So long, suckers!"

Alternatively, I wait, find out it was legit and miss out on free BCH.

yeah , better don't risk it :D

Hey, guys! I have good news. After stalking the hell out of Qoinpro's twitter account, I decided to risk my ass off, and go for it; I deposited 0.1 Bitcoin, and received 0.1 BCH. It worked smoothly, and I was able to withdraw my Bitcoins succesfully.
You have to email qoinpro's support the way they instruct in their email, but the fastest way is to send them a direct message through their Twitter account. I was worried, but the whole transaction took less than three hours. First, I had to inform them that I had deposited bitcoin for them to approve the transaction, then they deposited the BCH and then half an hour later I was able to withdraw my Bitcoins.
So if you want to do it, you have my experience to give you some perspective, but do your own research. If you decide to do it, I would suggest you do it on monday, just in case. Good luck!

Yeah I did it today check my reply below. or above. I don't know where is going to be displayed.

NIce! DId you get your BCH out also, or did you ever find out how much it costs to unlock the wallet? I might go ahead and deposit my BTC, and wait to see if BCH goes through the roof (which theoretically, would make it worth unlocking the account with my fiat)

My wallet is unlocked already, I can withdraw it whenever I want, I believe the transaction fee is 0.0005 BCH, I'm taking it out today, see how it goes.

Awesome! I guess I might just have to take the plunge. It's not like I will be losing anything in the long run (since I haven't spent a dime on crypto.)