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RE: Claim your Bitcoin Cash (BCH)- One time opportunity !

in #bitcoin4 years ago

I think I figured out what is going on: They have implemented a Bitcoin Cash wallet into QoinPro, and to unlock the wallet, you need credits. To get credits...You buy them with money. I don't know how many credits it would take to unlock the wallet, i am trying to investigate that now. It COULD potentially be worth it, if it costs less to unlock the wallet versus how much Bitcoin Cash you get out of it, that's up to you.


ah, that's tricky ... thank you for the update :) I tried to buy credits, but no payment options listed there and dont know how to pay to get credits !?! :S do you see any cash options in your account?

I do not see any options to acquire credits. I haven't been able to find out how much credits cost, either or how many would be needed to unlock the BCH or other wallets.

QoinPro unlocked all of the BCH Wallets automatically. They just added BCH to the site, so it was locked at first, it took them a day or so to get them all unlocked. Ive read 4 or 5 reviews now that the free BCH has worked out well. Im going to do it shortly, will let you all know how it goes for me.

Looking forward to hearing about your successful transaction. I think I might take the plunge, too. I just need to figure out how to move from paper to digital wallet.

Yep, just checked! my BCH wallet IS unlocked, also and slowly collecting coin inside. I might just have to drop in some satoshi.

The one question I keep having about the company, though, is: HOW do they make their money? I don't see many (if any) ads on the site.

This is the same thing/strategy that Paypal did when they first started. They gave new members $10 to open an account and be a new member, just to create a large userbase. Theres countless Faucet Companies, but this is a Faucet and much more. I see the strategy is to create a huge userbase, then in the near future they will slowly start to release new features that will eventually start bringing in an income stream to them. Smart marketing.