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RE: Shedding Transparency on Sustainability Projects. (+ Free STEEM)

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Bitcoin is being "regulated" from the outside of the protocol. This is demonstrated by the exchange houses when they close the accounts to their users who relate to criminal or illegal activities (such as casinos) and the recent announcements of companies such as Shapeshift and Changelly to request identification data from their customers, a Absurd in the case of exchanges between Criptomonedas that do not require (but will require) accounts. However, this form of "regulation", apart from a little transparentOdebrecht-Blockchain-Transparencia-Corrupción.jpg

Let's remember that Bitcoin technology eliminates counterfeiting, so all currencies on the network are legitimate; Also that the bitcoins maintain the history of all the owners who have had. When you receive Bitcoins, you also receive the history of them: from whom you undermined, to who is the last owner to date. If any of those "hands" (addresses) for what happened earlier is dirty, the current coin holder is automatically dirty. Innocent or not.So how do we keep clean, if money flows freely in the net?