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RE: PalmPay v1.1.4 Released - The Point Of Sale app that pays every 3 seconds. Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Monero added. Spark and EasyDex settlement features on the way.

in #bitcoin3 years ago

This is awesome!
Great job!
When will it be ready for iPhone users???


Thank you :)
Getting approval for crypto apps in the Apple store is extremely difficult, so a couple years ago, after many appeals, we finally gave up. They do seem to be loosening up a bit recently though, so if they do have more of an open mind now towards crypto apps then we will revisit that idea.

I appreciate the reply.
Apple just updated its rules regarding crypto so maybe it's conducive to submit the app now.
Glad that you're open to keep trying, don't give up! Once you're on the AppStore the user base will explode!