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Me and @crypto-oracle when we see people sell their Alt Coins at a huge loss to get into BitCoin:

If you guys have been watching the market you will see BitCoin surging while all the Alt Coins struggling. Everyone is moving their money into BitCoin to get their BitCoin Cash (BCC) with the hard fork expected to happen.

Some of these prices for quality Alt Coins are very tempting and I would like to add them to my portfolio. However, I'm not sure if I should wait a little more... Maybe until Sunday and then make my purchase? This way I could catch the Alt Coins at the lowest point.

I wanted to ask the Steemit community on what your plan is for this exciting weekend up ahead?

Will you be buying, selling, or just holding through this period?

Which Alt Coins are you aiming to acquire?

I'm interested in hearing your reasoning as well.




I'm HODLING. I mostly hold alts, and I plan to continue to do so for the time being. Is it September yet? Can't wait to see green.

Yup so am I. I added a few alt coins to my collection but HODL is my plan too.

Can't wait to see what everything is at by the end of the year!

I personally hope bitcoin rises and Steem drops some more so I can buy some more steem and transition it to steem power. I wouldn't mind opening a position in Neo as well...

Yeah me too. I'm debating between Steem or some other alt coins. I'm already pretty heavy into Steem.

Neo is a great choice too.

Im holding and if steem go under 1.10 will buy much more :)

Smart! I have quite a bit of Steem already but that price is very very tempting haha!

I posted about this myself, an hour or so ago. With ETH/BTC at 0.0637, it seemed to me to be an opportunity way too good to miss. Bye bye BTC, see you on the other side of 1st August. Meanwhile, nice and steady up we go with ETH.

Wow that's actually an amazing price for ETH. Happy to see all the smart investors accumulating the valuable Alt Coins at a discount!

everyone is just exchanging Alt coins for BTC for the fork coming up, i think everything will go back to normal soon, so if you have the funds try to buy altcoins at a great price and HODL!!

I totally agree. The prediction was correct! End of July are the lowest prices for Alt Coins.

I think altcoins are due for more of a dip. I don't personally hold any alts other than a very small amount of VERI. I think that as more people flee alts to grab BCC, the prices should drop further leaving you with a better chance to buy late this weekend

Agreed! I'm holding some BitCoin right now but I feel like later in the weekend will be the best time to get in and make some purchases for a great price!

I am personally going to HODL all my alt coins. I feel like this BCC will get dumped in like 1 second and hold no value. Then once people try to buy back into the alt coins they sold it will be at a higher price and people will end up losing money! I want to hold more LTC because if this fork goes wrong LTC will see the biggest benefits!

Yeah me too buddy! This weekend is going to be prime time to get into LTC as well. It's dropping pretty hard right now.

No way i am going to sell my altcoins for bitcoins atm. apart from the conversion cost, you also pay the difference that has already occurred between XBT and altcoins (so at least). Dont think the bitcoin cash will be 20% worth of bitcoins, so looks like a bad trade. Plus altcoins are undervalued. Good luck trading though!

Agreed. Its surprising how many people are selling their Alt Coins right now to get into BitCoin. All the prices are dropping consistently.