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RE: Passive Income: Hosting a Masternode is easier than You Think.

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Secure Masternode services seem to be another step on our way of relatively smart money entering the market. Thanks for the great explanation!

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The potential for passive income will attract the big fish.

Speaking of passive income and attracting big fish, that is the exact goal of our project Our aim is to provide an investor-class platform (Which we feel we have achieved) for leasing Steem Power and thus attracting the big money to Steem, currently stakeholders are able to earn more than 17% APR for leasing their SP in a P2P fashion, sometimes there are leases above 20% APR as is the case at the moment. Unlike masternodes, leasing Steem Power has no server cost or expertise requirement for the end user and only takes a few minutes to do.

Another plus is that DLeass is based on Steem, which is a top 60 crypto that has been around for several years, the APR earned is not native to the chain, Steem itself has only a 9.5% per annum inflation rate (decreasing by 0.5% per annum); there are very few high yield masternodes in the top 100 by marcap and the only reason they give those returns is because that is their inflation rate, so you are investing in an inflationary token, which unless it has other utility, the inflation will dilute the price over time, so early adopters get the most benefit.

The APR offered by DLease is not based on inflation but rather market demand, the interest rate reflects what users are prepared to pay to rent Steem Power.

As CEO of BuildTeam, the developers of DLease, I would very much like to see DLease offered as an alternative to masternode investing to help bring about mass adoption of Steem. Check out the @dlease blog and consider using your influence to write about it to help the Steem community gain further external investment.

Dlease is my "go-to" site for delegating SP. Love this site... excellent project! I highly recommend

Awesome thanks for the testimonial! By the way I sent you an email. are you still wanting a TokenBB forum?

Sorry for the late reply... not sure if I do or not. Was just "kicking the tires" for now.

sure, will cancel you order

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