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RE: PalmPay v1.1.4 Released - The Point Of Sale app that pays every 3 seconds. Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Monero added. Spark and EasyDex settlement features on the way.

in #bitcoin3 years ago

This looks very promising, looking forward to a public release!

I first got confused with those two statements:

  • "No setup fee, no registration fee, no app fee, no transaction fees, no monthly fee, no fees at all"

  • "The 0.5% Network fee that the customer pays"

After watching the video it is clearly visible. I saw a deviation, 1.55 on the top and 1.5497 in the bottom. Where does the difference come from?

If I pay the merchant 1.5497, lets say through the webwallet, how does PalmPay get the 0.0497?


The number is just rounded up so that the UI is less confusing for the customer. The exact amount is embedded in the qr code. The merchant does not pay any fees. The consumer pays the 0.5%.