Bitcoin Futures Trading Can Not Be Good

in #bitcoin4 years ago

I am no economic analyst or wall street wiz or techno blockchain guru nor do i claim to be. As I like to say though I have a PhD in common sense and I Understand evil human nature and the desire to manipulate for power and money. As far as I am concerned , the desire to manipulate for power and money is what the Bitcoin futures market is all about. Wall street is not going to get into trading Bitcoin futures because they like the decentralized blockchain idea and want the power to be relegated to the people. The wall street types are getting into Bitcoin futures because they believe that they can use their money, resources, and connections to manipulate the market just like they openly do the various precious metals markets and suffer no consequences for doing so. That fact only emboldens them to do it to other markets like Bitcoin futures. I don't know who's decision it was at bitcoin to allow this to happen but it surely was made out of greed and not for the benefit of the bitcoin network. I personally hope that the whole bitcoin futures market just flops. I don't think crypto should have anything to do with wall street simply because of cryptos founding principals. Those greedy thieving scumbags on wall street that represent the elite of the world will only ever try to get more money and power and enslave us even further. They know that crypto is the average persons chance to get out from under the thumb of them and they know it so they are trying to get in now and control it. It wasnt long ago that they were all saying Bitcoin was a bubble, its going to pop at any time. Now they want to throw billions of dollars at it, that kind of say that but do this stuff doesn't jive with me. they are obviously already trying to manipulate everyone.

Call me a tinfoil hat guy if you want, it wont bother me. I am curious as to what everyone thinks about all this though. Please upvote and resteem and leave comments with your thoughts


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I am so new to this...I have only be hip to crypto for 2 years and I finally mustard up the nerve to get into it starting with a $5 purchase of bitcoin in Dec 2015 that turned into almost $300 by 12/17...please explain to me how wall street can take over blockchain if it is decentralized...I do not understand but I am very interested in what you are saying as I have been urging my followers to join the steemit transparency about the future is extremely important to my integrity. Thank for spreading the knoweledge!

Exactly my thinking.
Maybe they want to overtake the cypto market, the only way to control it.
For the future I see another danger, they want take the cash money away and want only digital cash, so I think that is the biggest trap for all of us.
It maybe a better idea to get away from crypto and go back to exchange real existing goods, maybe I'm wrong, I hope so, but I don't think so.

How you get a mouse into a trap?
Put some bacon or flour inside.
For crypto currencies that mean, let some of the mouse get rich, the others will follow them, after they sit all together in the crypto trap.
This game happens just now.

Thanks for taking an interest in my post zanoni. If you are not familiar with Bix Weir then i suggest you check out his youtube posts or his website he is very well informed and has some very good prospective on topics like this. He believes crypto was designed by good players in the government so the people could not only survive but thrive. He doesnt believe that they will let the elites get a foothold in crypto. Cash will go by the wayside and gold and silver will always have value but never be used monetarily again because the elite hold too much and there isnt enough for the regular folk to get their hands on. They have manipulated the price for far too long too. Crypto will bring us back to a barter system. Only now, a house builder and a bread maker can barter because their businesses will be digitized and tokenized to where they can barter in equal amounts. It would take a lot of bread to barter for a house but now they can trade tokens that represent value of the business. He explains it a lot better but you get the idea. seriously, check him out, Bix Weir, check out Cliff High too, he will blow your mind

I start reading the website already and it's like you said, it blow my mind already, hehehe

stay in the gray, I agree with you 100%. Spotted the banksters manipulating Gold Futures a few years ago, before Eric Holder fined them for it. Of course, a few rogue traders in the UK were fired, some fines paid, but no bank executives went to jail or were fired. Futures and Options on bitcoins is an attempt control before it hits a $1 Trillion in market cap. Though for my trading style, Bitcoin derivatives will generate a lot of weekly cashflow. Will be evaluating my crypto mining weekly returns against my derviative trades going forward. In 2018, I expect the Crypto ETF's will be last chance for retail investors to participate in this space. My hope is that my kids really get the bug on either mining or investing in cryptos and to avoid the yoke's of big debt and taxes.

I got in to crypto because I dont have a 401k or IRA. I could never get enough cash together to use a financial adviser or investor, nor would i ever want to. I dont trust the stock market or wall street and the criminal bankers. Crypto was designed for people just like me and now those assholes want to steal that too. Thry have the greed disease and dont care if they ruin the world to get their money and power. I dont believe the good guys are gonna let the bad guys take crypto from us. Thats a very simplified statement. I think 2018 is going to see crypto values explode. my daughter is four and she absolutely love what she calls "doing bitcoin" with me. Every crypto i get is essentially for her in the long run anyway. and your right to want your kids to get involved and learn about it now because i think it is where the future will take us. Im working on a hard drive tower for mining myself and will teach my daughter all about it so she will always be able to generate income easily. It sounds like you have a lot more technical knowledge and experience than I do so you kids are lucky to have you to learn from and teach them. If you write about your day to day operations and things like that i would be happy to follow you and learn from you myself. THank you for reading my post and commenting Traderdad. Best wishes

Stay in the gray, I write a weekly musing on the markets and cryptos. While I am done for my musing this year, will restart in Jan 2018. As my youngest daughter and I explore mining her experience will be documented and shared too. traderDad