BTC Trojan Horse - The Greatest Trick We Ever Played On Government

in #bitcoin4 years ago (edited)

It's time for the sun to shine through the clouds. It's been cold outside. Cold like and cave covered by miles of dirt. Insulated and cold, but with little hope of warmth on the way.

This is also how bitcoin feels currently.
It's been taken over by corporations. The SEC is running it's loud ugly demon mouth.
Bitcoin has been slowed to a crawl. Blockstream seems to be corrupt... or at best inefficient.

I was trading on binance this morning. Contemplating this. I've been moving funds into coins with quality use cases. I believe this is where safety and growth lies.

Then I had a very simple realization. Bitcoin is our reference. It's our dollar. It's our wealth tether. It's main function can be just that.
It sucks. It's slow. It's government controlled. It's main case could be as our stable coin.
Nobody move it. Nobody use it. Let it sit... forever as a representation of stored value.
So, I'm not worried about bitcoin. It will stick around because of it's value as a base currency.
I don't have faith in it scaling. I don't have faith in bitcoin fulfilling any of Satoshi's original vision.

Bitcoin is our Trojan Horse. Let the government have it. It's like throwing a rabid dog a giant bone to chew on while you sneak past.

That's it. They'll never beat us. The cat's out of the bag.

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